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Private Financial Transactions, Enabled by Zerocoin Protocol

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LRM Coin

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Liberty Coin

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Increasing the sociability of cryptocurrency

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An Animal Charity Ledger powered by Blockchain

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Transforming The Fitness Industry With Blockchain

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Mirai Coin

A Look Into The Future

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Crypto currency accepted in crypto sportsbooks

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Building a Better World Through the Blockchain

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First of Its Kind

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Dash Green

Dash Green is Digital Cash

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Stakinglab Coin

Currency to empower stakinglab’s ecosystem

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SnowGem Coin

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P2P Coin

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World Crypto Forum

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News & Blog

crypto asset

Huobi DM Records Trading Volume Exceeding $20 Billion

Huobi’s crypto asset trading service, Huobi Derivative Market (Huobi DM), had reported a trading volume exceeding USD $20 billion. This[…]

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Providing A Comprehensive Platform For Masternode Investors— Stakinglab

Investing cryptocurrency can be quite confusing for beginners and frustrating for old timers as well. Just like with any financial[…]

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BitTorrent Announces Innovative Approach to Speed

In its bid to develop the world’s largest blockchain platform for swift uploading and downloading of files, BitTorrent, Inc, has[…]

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Blockchain & Bitcoin

Annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague by Smile-Expo Will Once Again Take Place in The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague March 22, 2019, for the fifth time – the event about blockchain[…]

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blockchain technology

MineHub to Build High-value Mineral Concentrates Supply Chain Solution on IBM’s Blockchain Platform

Based on a recent report, MineHub Technologies, Inc. (“MineHub”) and IBM today announced a collaboration geared towards the used of[…]

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crypto news

Blockboard.net— Your One Stop Platform For Reliable Cryptocurrency News

Fundamental analyst knows the importance of following the heartbeat of the financial market has it makes the foundation of every[…]

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bitcoin mining

Giga Watt Finally Shut Down Operations

Giga Watt, a popular U.S.-based bitcoin mining firm which recently filed for bankruptcy has been forced to shut down its[…]

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crypto industry

TradeStation to Launch a Crypto Focused Brokerage Service

TradeStation Group, Inc. the company in charge of the popular charting application— TradeStation, has recently made it known that it[…]

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Currency.com—Worlds First Fully Regulated Tokenised Securities Exchange is Live

A regulated tokenized securities exchange — Currency.com, has been launched and operation on the platform has commenced. Currency.com is Live[…]

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Navigate the Internet Privately Using Lethean Coin

One of the core reasons behind the creation of blockchain technology is centered around surfing the internet and conducting transactions[…]

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Bitmain Pause Operation in Texas, Fires Employees

Based on a recent report, Bitmain Technologies has stopped all forms of operations in Rockdale, Texas U.S. Bitmain which recently[…]

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cloud hosting

BitLaunch Now Allows Users Access Cloud Hosting Solutions Using Cryptocurrency

BitLaunch, a popular VPS hosting solution provider recently made it known that it now accepts payment using Bitcoin and ten[…]

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Coinhako Becomes First Crypto Platform to Offer 100 Fiat-Crypto Pairings

Coinhako— a popular Asian based crypto exchange is now the first crypto platform in the world to offer 100 fiat-crypto[…]

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cryptocurrency miners

Washington State Utility Sued By Few Major Cryptocurrency Firms

Nine major cryptocurrency firms in the U.S. State of Washington has joined forces to sue the Grant County public utility[…]

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Providing A Real Solution For All Money Transfers With A Single Multi-currency Cryptocurrency

The need for a faster, cheaper, safer and free from scrutiny and government monitoring has lead to the creation of[…]

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IOTA Foundation and Crypto Storage AG Partner Up to Offer Storage of MIOTA Tokens in Large Volumes

Recently, an announcement was made by Crypto Storage AG in relation to a recent partnership with the IOTA Foundation targeted[…]

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“Brand new word of crypto can be sometimes confusing, specially if you are new to it”

We all have heard about the great possibilities Crypto World offers, but we are not sure from where & how to start. Cryptoshib is founded by Shibashish Nandi, a cryptocurrency enthusiast & a digital marketer. Criptoshib tries to keep crypto enthusiasts updated with the latest happenings and makes it easier for those who also want to get involved with cryptocurrency. There is a Blue Print specially for beginners to get Crypto ready and join the revolution!


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