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TN Coin

Tokenized Real Estate Investment Fund



Value in Anonymity. Decentralized Masternodes.

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Light Pay Coin


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A new platform for an authomatic masternodes deployment

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The Next Generation of Masternode Technology

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Trade With Confidence

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Cotton Coin

Value in Anonymity. Decentralized Masternodes.

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Dynamic. New. Adaptable.

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Logis Coin

The World in Your Pocket

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A Sparkling Gem in the Ugly World of Crypto

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Gold Poker

Aces on Blockchain

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Wealth Silo

The Next Generation Currency

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White Label Crypto Exchange

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x42 Protocol

Open. Feeless. Infinite.

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Decentralised Employee and Customer Reward System

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Crypto-revolution in e-Sports

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Near Instant Fiat To Crypto Transfers

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It’s The Most Profitable Cryptocurrency

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TRAID aid for a better trade

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The Network That Unlocks Human Potential

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First of Its Kind

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Evolving The Protective Pads Sports Industry

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Self Funded Decentralized Education Platform

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News & Blog

setup of masternode on gentarium platform

Mystery of A Masternode Setup Solved

These days everyone who is following or keeping an eye on blockchain and cryptocurrencies stories have noticed the word “masternodes”. Today I would like to go through solutions for setting[…]

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Luxcore banking solution

Disrupting the Global Banking Industry

Blockchain technology has been making in-rows into the global financial sector for quite some time now, with major banking institutions and even some national governments looking to explore the untapped[…]

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Blocknode loyalty program

Blocknode: A Blockchain Solution for Loyalty Programs

Blockchain technology is transforming the world in ways we could never imagine. The distributed ledger innovation brings decentralization, smart contract functionality and transaction efficiency to many sectors. One of these[…]

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Digital token Coin2Play blockchain

A Digital Token For Online Gambling and Gaming Industry

Over the last few years, the online gaming and gambling industry has made a constant growth with the ever-growing rise of the smartphones users. Here is a graphical data from[…]

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Traid blockchain company

Traid Platform – The Future Of Crypto Education

The world of cryptocurrencies is a place where your dreams of riches can really come true. Some of the wealthiest people in the world built their fortunes trading and investing[…]

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Cotton Coin blockchain project

Blockchain To Save Cotton Industry

Many people have problem understanding need of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as so many projects do not have real-world use, or at least we don’t see it right away. The biggest[…]

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Apis Capital Management hedge fund

Get Tokens To Receive Revenues From Hedge Fund

The world of finance has a complicated structure and many investment opportunities, ranging from funds, trades, keeping money in the bank with a stable but low-interest rate, online crowdfunding platforms[…]

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Revolution of Masternode Projects

The topic of Masternode has been several times on our blog. Maybe because it is trend to have masternode in your blockchain project or maybe this is one of the[…]

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Xchange project

Understanding Real Escrow

These days everyone, even those who don’t understand the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain, has heard something about crypto. Especially about buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Why? Firstly because of[…]

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Masternode, Investments and ICO

Cryptocurrency and blockchain topic is hot right now. But let me ask – how much we really know about all this? Mostly we are caught with hype coins and ICO[…]

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Moving To A Decentralized Future

Traditional financial institutions are having a hard time these days as blockchain projects are introducing new platforms that promise to deliver your money without any bureaucracy and with much lower[…]

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Eureka! Profit Your Loss With This Coin

Overall situation with ICO scams There is no real numbers and statistics but some say that around 98% of ICOs in 2017-2018 didn’t fulfill their obligations, or let’s be straight[…]

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Cryptocurrency Day in a One Sentence: August 13, 2018

A Singapore based firm Golden Gates Ventures establishing $10 million foundation called LuneX Ventures for investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. *** Facebook continues to raise rumors when David Marcus,[…]

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What Is A Masternode and Why Should I Have One?

Blockchain transaction principles In the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, one important component that is irreplaceable is the network blockchain protocol. This is because it is the record[…]

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Is This A Bypass to The Promised Crypto Land?

There are several large potential cryptocurrency exchange markets that have been shielded from investing in cryptocurrencies, trading and exchange. India is one of these markets. Difficult to say the primary[…]

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Discover : Nodexo

Time is ticking and countdown has started: 18 days 6 hours 32 minutes 15 seconds. Are you ready to know about some adventurous guys who not only have built a[…]

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Invest In Real Estate – Crypto Way

In a recent research, London based real estate advisor company Savills announced that “in 2015, the total value of all developed real estate on the globe reached US$217 trillion”. This[…]

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The All In One Platform – A Blockchain Project

Nowadays, the biggest issue faced by cryptocurrency fans and enthusiasts are the fragmentation and complicate the process of buying real goods and services with cryptocurrency. This usually takes a lot[…]

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What is Bitcoin

U.S. Wants to Ban Cryptocurrencies?

Traditionally money has been in the hands of government, at least the last few centuries. But now there are strong signs that show, even subjects like “money” can change. And[…]

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When Will Blockchain Take Over Banks?

Many former bank employees are moving towards blockchain companies that are much faster and effective (and don’t forget – safer!) than traditional banks. Casquero, a former executive for JP Morgan[…]

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