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Bitcoin Incognito

Instant send & Private Cryptocoin Based on POS and Masternodes

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Making Crypto Payments Easy for Merchants and Consumers

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Light Pay Coin


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Passive Income. Made Simply

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Proof of Stake Technology into Mobile Devices

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Logis Coin

The World in Your Pocket

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Private Financial Transactions, Enabled by Zerocoin Protocol

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Decentralised Employee and Customer Reward System

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The future of money begins now!

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Near Instant Fiat To Crypto Transfers

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Self Funded Decentralized Education Platform

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Crux Coin

The Heart Of Cryptocurrencies

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Tiered Proof of Stake Decentralized Cryptocurrency

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EVOlution-of-Services For Masternode Coins Investment

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Zealium Coin

Masternode. Darksend. Environmentally Friendly POS Cryptocurrency. Made In NZ.

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The Fast, Secure and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Making The Blockchain Grow

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For Things That Matter

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Midas Investments

The Most Convenient Investment Platform

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Scalable confidential cryptocurrency

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Fantasy Gold

Cryptocurrency that Powers Fantasy Sports and eSports

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Your Decentralized Choice

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White Label Crypto Exchange

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Making The World Digital

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An Animal Charity Ledger powered by Blockchain

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Transforming The Fitness Industry With Blockchain

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Open. Feeless. Infinite.

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Mirai Coin

A Look Into The Future

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Volix Network

Decentralized peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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Crypto currency accepted in crypto sportsbooks

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Glacier Platform

The Future of Content Writing is Here

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CrowdFund Coin

The first decentralized CrowdFunding platform built on the blockchain

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Growing Global Prosperity!

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News & Blog

peer-to-peer energy trading

Crypto Startup, Power Ledger Brings P2P Energy Trading to Largest US Market

In its bid to bring blockchain technology closers to the mainstream audience, a blockchain project— Power Ledger, has announced the[…]

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The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has been Granted a BitLicense

Based on a recent report, the New York State Department of Financial Services(DFS) has granted a limited trust status to[…]

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Visa card

Crypto.com Set to Expand its MCO Visa Card Into the U.S Market

The U.S market is inarguably the most important market any business can aim to expand into. As a result of[…]

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cross-platform crypto

Everyone Jump in the Pool! Cross-Platform Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Creating Liquidity

To regulate or not to regulate is the unresolved question slowing cryptocurrency adoption. Recent cooperative initiatives between regulators and the[…]

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bitcoin embassy

Bitcoin Embassy Launched in New Hampshire

A new educational center called the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire has been launched by crypto advocates resident in the Keene[…]

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CryptoDezire solutions project

CryptoDezire: A Unique Cryptocurrency Solutions Ecosystem

CryptoDezire is a wholesome one-stop shop for digital solutions related to cryptocurrency. This blockchain based ecosystem uses the CryptoDezireCash coin[…]

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mining companies

Two Sweden based Mining Companies Disappears and Leaves Huge Debt in Their Wake

Based on a recent report, two Sweden based mining companies have reportedly disappeared without leaving any trace. One of these[…]

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mining rigs

GMO Internet has Postponed Shipment of its New Lines of Mining Hardware

With the price of bitcoin getting stagnant and showing no signs of a major bull rally any time soon, the[…]

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Industry Experts: The Indian Government Plan to Ban Crypto is Flawed

Based on a previous report, it was made known that the Reserve bank of India has instructed all banks from[…]

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Beam cryptocurrency anonymity

BEAM: The Next-Generation Private and Confidential Cryptocurrency

The one reason why the cryptocurrencies managed to gain a huge consumer appeal is its feature of anonymity. However, digital[…]

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Bitcoin Scam

A Bitcoin Scam Scheme has Stolen $68.42 Million from over 6,000 Naive Investors

The blockchain industry is becoming increasingly popular for allowing a large number of scammers to thrive. The anonymous nature of[…]

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Cryptocurrency Exchange -Kucoin

$20 million has been Invested in a Singapore-based Cryptocurrency Exchange -Kucoin

Based on a recent report, Kucoin—a popular Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange has recently completed its series A funding. The exchange was[…]

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unregistered crypto exchange

EtherDelta’s Founder Has Been Fined by The SEC for Operating an Unregistered Exchange

Zachary Coburn, the founder of EtherDelta, a popular decentralized trading platform for Ether and Ethereum-based tokens has been fined by[…]

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Bitcoin Group SE

Bitcoin Group SE Buys Investment Bank Tremmel

Based on a recent report, Bitcoin Group SE, a popular asset management firm has completely acquired an investment bank— Tremmel.[…]

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crypto payments

A Coffee Company Set to Start Accepting Payment in Cryptos

In the spirit of bringing blockchain technology to a mainstream audience, a popular coffee company, Rosetta Coffee, has announced that[…]

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x42 Protocol

How To Beat Bitcoin Qualities: x42 Protocol

Since the creation of Bitcoin 10 years ago, several other blockchains has been created to match and supercede the functions[…]

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