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NFT History

NFT History – Giving a Novel Method to Own Dates and Gain Exclusivity With NFTs

ROAD TOWN, BVI / May 13, 2021 / Innovation and uniqueness have become a new normal for the blockchain industry and, within it, the NFT or Non-Fungible Token segment. A novel[…]

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BNBD Project | Creating an Ecosystem of Passive And Consistent Returns

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / May 13, 2021 / The BNBD project creates a revenue-generation stream for the entire community, subject to the condition that they hold some amount of the BNBD. As a project built[…]

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LiveTrades | Offering Real-Time Live Trading Account Tracking With Automated Functions for Investing

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND / May 10, 2021 / LiveTrades is an interactive and automated real-time trading platform that investigates the trading behavior of the top and most successful traders on the platform and[…]

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Catecoin – A Utility-Based Meme Content Creation and Farming Platform with Burning Mechanism

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS / May 8, 2021 / Coming on board with the meme revolution, Catecoin has been launched to create new horizons in the world of meme and content farming while working on[…]

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Malcolm Tan

Malcolm Tan Chun Chuen – Singapore’s Top Fintech blockchain DeFi NFT expert

SINGAPORE – SG / Malcolm Tan is a Serial Entrepreneur mostly in digital technology, founder of Gravitas International Associates, Chief Strategist and Advisor of Technicorum Holdings and Strategic Advisor of[…]

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Syscoin protocol

Syscoin LUX Goes Live: Blockchain Foundry Has Released the Next Generation of Blockchain Tech for NFTs, Ultra-fast Payments, and Security

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS / May 1, 2021 / It’s official: the highly anticipated Syscoin LUX is live! The latest version of the Syscoin platform, built in conjunction with Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin Foundation, introduces[…]

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Rowket Market: A NFT Marketplace for Creators and Collectors on the BSC with Affordability and Fast Transactions

LISBON, PORTUGAL / April 30, 2021 / Built on the Binance Smart Chain due to its affordability and high speed, Rowket is a community-first NFT marketplace giving a new way to the artists[…]

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Pioption | Proffering Binary Trading Options Enabled with Fiat Money and Cryptocurrencies

Investing capital involves some risk, which deters users from engaging with any platform. One of the reasons for the skepticism is the lack of proper trading knowledge and that of[…]

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Plutus NFT

Plutus NFT | Integrating the Gaming World with Blockchain and NFTs to Monetize the In-Game Items

TORONTO, ON, April 26, 2021 — Plutus NFT aims to synchronize gaming, blockchain, and NFTs. As a cross-chain applicator, Plutus NFT aims to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into the gaming world enabling the[…]

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Rowan Rewards

Innovative UK Energy Company Increases Rewards For Residential Roof Top Solar

LONDON – UK / Rowan Energy has launched a new and leading global solar incentive program; Rowan Rewards. The platform gives customers reward points similar to other loyalty programs for[…]

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MetaWhale Gold

MetaWhale Gold – Deflationary And Elastic Supply Tokenomincs Backed By Gold (PAXG) Reserves

BERLIN, GERMANY / April 26, 2021 / MetaWhale Gold (MWG) is the first decentralized financial instrument that introduces a hybrid monetary policy paired with ultra-deflationary tokenomics. It offers speculative value, combined with[…]

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BlockBank – A Smart AI-Enabled Analytics System Sharing Market Insights

LONDON, UK / April 26, 2021 / BlockBank leverages Artificial Intelligence, adding it to the traditional banking and DeFi system making the entire ecosystem more secure, private, and decentralized. The purpose is[…]

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FPM.Global Recognized by The European

London, UK, 23 April – FPM.Global, also known as Financial Partners Marketing, was named both the 2021 Best Forex Affiliate Programme and Best Financial Affiliate Programme as part of The[…]

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Daniele Marinelli

Daniele Marinelli – A Success Story Of A Visionary Fintech And Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur

Daniele Marinelli is a 49 years-old entrepreneur of Roman origins who for 23 years has “lent” himself to the most important business groups as an accountant and consultant. A great[…]

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dIRA | Helping Individuals Plan Their Retirement Today with ODE

dIRA is a financial product offering from ODE, and it stands for decentralized Individual Retirement Account. This project works with the same purpose as an IRA account offered by the[…]

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Project Panda NFT Exchange Platform for Creators and Deliver Social Contributions

DUBAI, UAE / April 16, 2021 /Project Panda is working as a Socio-NFT platform where the users can exchange NFTs with an exchange protocol that is based on the Binance Smart[…]

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Brand new world of crypto can be sometimes confusing, specially if you are new to it.

Cryptoshib is founded by Shibashish Nandi, a cryptocurrency enthusiast & a digital marketer. Our platform keeps crypto enthusiasts updated with the latest happenings and makes it easier for those who also want to get involved with cryptocurrency. There is a Blue Print specially for beginners to get Crypto ready and join the digital revolution!


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