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1X2 Coin


1X2 Coin is cryptocurrency that is used by this project’s partners, worldwide sportsbooks who accepts cryptocurrency. It is used also for transfer of funds and payments within the platform.

The target of 1X2 Coin is to become one of the cryptocurrencies accepted in crypto sportsbooks as a payment option (deposit/withdraw). The future plan is to develop project’s own crypto enabled sportsbook site which will enter strong in this multi-billion market. In the last few years, sports betting is developing in crypto space, and there are more and more sportsbook sites accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies every month.

Masternodes of the project

The project will start as an advanced Masternode coin with progressive reward scheme and very attractive ROI for its investors.

1X2 is a self-funded system that has its own dedicated masternodes, used as a budget to maintains and improve the project. Masternodes network users of the platform and owners of 1X2 Coin are compensated by the network. It is done trough allocation of rewards based upon 1X2 Coin owner contributions to the network. But important is that 1X2 Coin is not limited only for securing the network, it can be used as payment.


Masternode reward table – see below

reward table 1X2 Coin


A coin holder or staker collects passive rewards on any amount of 1X2 Coin that is kept in their wallet. In any affiliate, crypto exchange users can purchase 1X2 Coins and purchased coins can be stored in their digital wallet. Here coins “stake” and verify other parties’ transactions with a purpose to earn more coins for the holder. By using 1X2 digital wallet users will be part of an exclusive coin holders network which is user-friendly.


Pre-mine and project funding

The pre-mine of 1X2 Coin is 180000 coins. That is 0,85% of total supply and it is one of the smallest in industry. From those, 60 000 coins (33.33%) was offered to the public presale (ended in 3 days, October 2018). Funds from coin sale will be used for listing on initial 5 exchanges, listing on MN portals, bounties, etc.during 12-month period until project’s own sportsbook is launched.


Coin specification

Name: 1X2 coin
Ticker: 1X2
Algorithm: x11/pos
Total supply: 21000000  1X2
Pre-mine: 180000 1X2 (0.85%)
Type: proof of stake
Masternode collateral:1000 1X2
Masternode reward: 80% – 95%
POS reward: 20% – 5%
Block reward:1 – 12 1X2
Block time: 60 seconds



Phase 1 – Oct 2018
Project creation
Assembling core team members
Official website launch
Initial whitepaper launch
1X2 testnet launch
Bitcointalk ANN post

Phase 2 – Oct 2018
Contacting crypto only sportsbooks
Setting up an affiliate network
Official Twitter, Telegram and Discord launch
Github launch
1X2 testnet launch
Bitcointalk ANN post
Wallets launch

Phase 3 – Nov 2018
Masternodes.online listing
Bounty launch
Crypto-bridge exchange listing
Coinexchange listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Cryptopia exchange listing

Phase 4 – Nov18 – Dec18
Shared masternode services partnership
Masternode oriented sites listings
Extended marketing campaign
Connecting sportbooks to our community
Giveaway real cash betting slips for our members

Phase 5 – 2019/2020
Setting up paid VIP tips on Telegram
Mobile apps with VIP tips and 1X2 MN tracking
Entering crypto only sportbook as a payment option
Listing on higher volume exchange
Special rewards for our initial investors