crypto companies on Blockchain Life event

Microsoft, Huawei and Venezuelan government at Blockchain Life 2019 on October 16-17 in Moscow

Press Release Blockchain Life 2019 takes place in one week. The organizers have already sold over 4000 tickets. Among speakers are the founders of top blockchain and crypto companies, investors, developers, crypto traders, CEOs of projects, entrepreneurs and businessmen. The following keynoters are also joining the upcoming event:  Leading technology expert at Microsoft in Russia…
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Blockchain Life Event in Moscow 2019

1st National Cryptocurrency’s Creators Perform at Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow

Press Release The global forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining Blockchain Life welcomes more than 6000 people from all over the world at the Expocentre this fall. Purchase tickets to one of the grandest industry events at One of the most anticipated forum’s sections is “El Petro — the 1st successful case of creating…
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LUX coin

Is LUX Coin About to Take Off?

LUX recently reduced its rewards (newly created coins) by 13.49%. But perhaps more important to the market, they reduced mining rewards by 37.5%. LUX is a hybrid coining with 50% of their blocks being mined through a proof-of-work algorithm and 50% of their coins being staked through a proof-of-stake algorithm. This greatly reduces attack vectors…
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sinovate blockchain project

How SINOVATE (SIN) Changed the Face of Blockchain Technology Within One Year

26th of September, 2019 The Blockchain technology space is an ever-changing one, which means new solutions are being developed every day, thereby rendering the existing ones almost obsolete. This will not stop happening anytime soon as cryptocurrencies are still in their initial phase of growth. It is not uncommon to find existing blockchain innovation doing…
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crypto trading bots

Review of 5 Best Bots for Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency can make you money in two ways. The first is just like the conventional investment, where you buy a couple of coins, hold them over time and wait until the prices rise for you to sell. It is an effective strategy for increasing your investment, but one that requires a lot of patience because…
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FxCoin project - trading

How to Trade the Forex Market With Almost Zero Risk Using FxCoin

Sponsored article September 24, 2019 Whether you like to hear this or not, the idea of trading the financial markets is relatively risky. This is why people are being advised to take their time to learn well before venturing into trading the financial markets. The duration required for learning is mostly determined by the individual,…
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Looking into the History of Bitcoin – Key Milestones

The cryptocurrency industry is home to well over 1000 different assets, tokens, and coins. Some serve largely as investments, some as a utility coin and many have other use cases. However, there is one currency that is more valuable and popular than any other by a large margin, and that is Bitcoin. In fact, it…
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Blockchain Life event news

October 16-17, Moscow: the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum Welcomes 6000+ Attendees and Top Companies at its 4th Edition

Blockchain Life 2019 highlights four significant topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, StartUps, and Mining. More than 6000 people from 70 countries join the leading forum to discuss the latest trends and all ways of earning money in the crypto market. Find out more information and get tickets at Among the participants: crypto traders, representatives of major…
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The remarkable growth of Fintech with Jakub Hytka at PICANTE TECH Conference Europe

Prague – 25 July 2019 Senior manager in EY’s Financial Services Advisory team to join Fintech-related panel discussion at PICANTE TECH Conference Europe 2019. Prague – 25 July 2019 Senior manager in EY’s Financial Services Advisory team to join Fintech-related panel discussion at PICANTE TECH Conference Europe 2019. It seems that there are some financial…
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Credibility and Protection For Masternode Investors & Crypto Developers

How Watchdog is Offering Credibility and Protection for both Masternode investors and crypto developers Credibility in the crypto industry is quickly becoming a rare thing. With so many hacks and fraudulent incidents getting reported daily, it has become clear that all hands need to be on deck when it comes to combating fraud in the…
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