digix is reinventing gold

DigixDAO Dissolution Will Proceed but DGX and Digix Here to Stay

Stepping back and being cautious in the face of uncertainty is what a savvy investor does. There is Bitcoin, whose proponents say it is the next “gold”, whose value is attributed to scarcity and cryptography. They couldn’t be far from the truth.  Scarcity is one of the many properties that give real physical gold its…
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worldmarkets platform

World Markets AI Managed Accounts – Big Monthly Crypto Returns

WorldMarkets is a multi-award-winning platform. It is a full-service global firm comprising of a team of professional traders that was established in 2003 as a precious metal dealer. With a global presence and accessible from zones including Asia, it is a provider of several digital trading services including digital gold trading.  WorldMarkets Platform From 2017…
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Encotrade Platform

Encotrade Platform – Encocoin’s Peer-to-Peer Crypto to Fiat Trading Platform Offering Escrow Services

With several centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms being victims of external threats, the demand for peer-to-peer trading platforms is on a rise. Encotrade is one such P2P trading platform owned and operated by the Encocoin Development Foundation. Overview of Encotrade Platform The Encotrade platform supports the trading of the Foundation’s native cryptocurrency Encocoin over a peer-to-peer…
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day trader

Another Typical Day in the Life of a Day Trader

Anyone who has ever read or watched a financial analysis video has been presented by compelling overt testimonial style adverts from relatively obscure day traders who have amassed millions of dollars in easy returns from their market prowess and stock trading savvy. From the sheer benevolence of their collective hearts, these kindly traders off their…
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Companies in Ohio Are Now Paying Tax in BTC

Update – The IRS published guidelines about taxing cryptocurrency holdings in October, addressing cost basis and forks, two long-standing questions the crypto community has had. This guidance raised number of new questions about airdrops and unwanted forks. This guidance appears to suggest individuals are liable for taxes on any cryptocurrencies they gain as a result…
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DAPS platform

DAPS Platform: A Hybrid and a New Age Privacy Platform that Rivals Monero and ZCash

Fact: privacy is a right and shouldn’t, in any way, be interpreted as a privilege. It is sacrosanct and rightly enshrined in the constitutions of democracies. Indeed, it would be savage not to port the same into shaping technologies of which blockchain promises to be. Bitcoin was the first project that proved a concept. Upon…
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MEREBEL masternode platform

Merebel Ecosystem – A State-of-the-Art Masternode Hosting Platform With Unique Features

With the growing dominance of cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms, investors are curious about new earning opportunities in the market. While the crypto market is very volatile, the blockchain space has got functions that can give consistent and sustainable returns over time. Yes! You guessed it right, we are talking about masternode hosting services available in…
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masernode hosting service POSMN

POSMN – The Best Masternode Service Hosting Platform You’re Looking For

Over the last few years, the cryptocurrency industry has expanded to different verticals and horizons. Besides making direct investments in crypto assets, financial companies are also working on other crypto-based derivative products and services. But what if you don’t want to get involved in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are now increasingly looking to…
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Add Image In Your Bitcointalk

Updated – How To Add Image In Your Bitcointalk Post

Update -Newbies can now pay a small fee to enable images. Newbies need to pay a fee to become Copper Member and then can post images. Here you can get the paid membership – Copper Membership There is a rank requirement for you to add image in your post.The minimum rank requirement to post pictures…
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Bitcoin Rhodium – Bridging the Gap Between Decentralized Cryptocurrency Market and Traditional Marketplaces

Although the advent of digital currencies has challenged the traditional financial market in several aspects, the truth is they latter holds a contribution to the global economy. So instead of pitching one against the other and going for complete domination, experts are willing to acknowledge the inherent strengths of both markets – crypto and traditional…
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