peer-to-peer energy trading

Crypto Startup, Power Ledger Brings P2P Energy Trading to Largest US Market

In its bid to bring blockchain technology closers to the mainstream audience, a blockchain project— Power Ledger, has announced the…
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The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has been Granted a BitLicense

Based on a recent report, the New York State Department of Financial Services(DFS) has granted a limited trust status to…
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Visa card Set to Expand its MCO Visa Card Into the U.S Market

The U.S market is inarguably the most important market any business can aim to expand into. As a result of…
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cross-platform crypto

Everyone Jump in the Pool! Cross-Platform Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Creating Liquidity

To regulate or not to regulate is the unresolved question slowing cryptocurrency adoption. Recent cooperative initiatives between regulators and the…
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bitcoin embassy

Bitcoin Embassy Launched in New Hampshire

A new educational center called the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire has been launched by crypto advocates resident in the Keene…
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CryptoDezire solutions project

CryptoDezire: A Unique Cryptocurrency Solutions Ecosystem

CryptoDezire is a wholesome one-stop shop for digital solutions related to cryptocurrency. This blockchain based ecosystem uses the CryptoDezireCash coin…
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mining companies

Two Sweden based Mining Companies Disappears and Leaves Huge Debt in Their Wake

Based on a recent report, two Sweden based mining companies have reportedly disappeared without leaving any trace. One of these…
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mining rigs

GMO Internet has Postponed Shipment of its New Lines of Mining Hardware

With the price of bitcoin getting stagnant and showing no signs of a major bull rally any time soon, the…
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Industry Experts: The Indian Government Plan to Ban Crypto is Flawed

Based on a previous report, it was made known that the Reserve bank of India has instructed all banks from…
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Beam cryptocurrency anonymity

BEAM: The Next-Generation Private and Confidential Cryptocurrency

The one reason why the cryptocurrencies managed to gain a huge consumer appeal is its feature of anonymity. However, digital…
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