Apollon blockchain platform for masternodes project

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Passive Income. Made Simply

Blockchain platform with own cryptocurrency that will simplify the whole set-up, running and monitoring of any masternode that is hosted on the service. This service is available through a downloadable app (available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms).

The platform consists of software that will run on any home computer and using this ‘node builder’ you can launch a new masternode within minutes. In this first iteration of the software you will still need to download and fund your desktop wallet with enough collateral to run your desired masternode but once that is done the whole process to start up a masternode is very straightforward.

A demo video of how to download, install and use the Apollon NodeBuilder

Apollon Node Builder

There are three categories of coins masternode options, see screenshots below from Apollon NodeBuilder platform dashboard.


April – June 2018

Beta testing – adding additional beta testers and prepare the payment system for full release

June – August 2018

Launch v1 client – release project’s v1 desktop client and build out masternode migration service

Additional companies – verify and add 3-5 more companies to the platform and migrate their masternode over

August – November 2018

Payment structure – add the first iteration of assets based payment structure
Whole masternode – release whole masternode purchase option, coins and all

November – December 2018

Web Wallets – release desktop client with encrypted web wallet option


Mobile App Launch – launch completely app-based end to end solution, no local wallet or desktop client required

Coin specification

Coin name: Apollon Coin
Coin ticker: XAP
Coin type: PoW/PoS
Algorithm: Quark
Maximum supply: 250 000 000
Block time: 90 seconds
Masternode collateral: 25 000 XAP
Masternode reward: 80% block reward
Coin minimum staking age: 1 hour
Maximum block size: 3 MB

Coin staking reward: 20%

Block height            Reward
10 – 7,000               0.2 XAP
7,001 – 9,000          128 XAP
9,001 – 50,000        64 XAP
50,001 – 100,000     51 XAP
100,001 – 150,000   41 XAP
150,001 – 250,000   35 XAP
250,001+                 15% reduction every 100,000 Blocks

MN rewards: 80%

Block height            Reward
10 – 7,000               0.8 XAP
7,001 – 9,000          512 XAP
9,001 – 50,000        256 XAP
50,001 – 100,000    205 XAP
100,001 – 150,000  164 XAP
150,001 – 250,000  140 XAP
250,001+                15% reduction every 100,000 Blocks

The management team of the project

Markus Dietrich, MSc LinkedIn

Markus is an experienced blockchain developer having worked on everything from core blockchain development to coin exchanges.  He is especially excited about the prospects of Apollon to create an investment platform where users not only benefit from the appreciation in the coin, but also receive rewards as well, “It’s the future of crypto investing!”

Adrian Redman, PMP LinkedIn

VP Projects
Adrian is a project management superhero.  Yes, he wears his underwear on the outside of his pants.  Coming from a large tech infrastructure projects background, Adrian keeps the ship pointed straight and on time.  Adrian believes in the power of passive income and how it can transform people’s lives and sees the opportunity for Apollon to bring that to the masses.