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The Turnkey Masternode Solution

Armageddon project is created to provide an easy turnkey solution for masternode deployment in a few clicks. Masternodes are currently the only true way of earning a passive income in crypto without purchasing physical hardware, however it takes technologically advanced knowledge to set up a masternode. Project has its own coin AGDN, as well as Platform for hosting of masternodes.

The Armageddon Platform is a web application that allows you to create cold wallet masternodes for AGDN and other masternode coins, without having to deal with servers, terminals or Linux. This lowers the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people. The platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for you in the background. At certain points, you are asked for input, that links your wallet to the masternode server. In 2019 will be released also iOS and Android Masternode management Apps.

Armageddon hosting Platform had listed 22 coins on September 22, 2018.


Cost of the hosting

Each masternode server you launch costs 0.30 USD per day (Unless stated otherwise) paid in AGDN. Payment for every day of service is deducted in advance from your available balance in the platform. You can deposit any amount, anytime in your platform account. Each masternode is launched in a random data center of Vultr. The platform is hosting provider agnostic, meaning it can quickly adapt to host masternodes with providers like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform if ever required.

In case one runs out of balance of daily payment, the servers in your account get destroyed. Project allows for the respawn of the same server, although the same IP address is not guaranteed to be available. In this case, you will need a tiny bit of configuration in your wallet to change this IP address. This process is guided as well.


Safety and protection

The masternode collateral coins never touch the Armageddon Platform, that’s what a cold wallet setup means. All coins stay in person’s wallet and you only “prove” that they are yours with the info we require from you during the setup process. In case Armageddon Platform ever gets hacked it can be only the masternode server. But since no coins are stored there – you are fully protected.

Features of the platform

Instant Node Deployment
Deploy any masternode on the network and begin passive income journey in just a few clicks.

Shared Masternodes
If you don’t have enough collateral for a full node you can use shared MN service and own a percentage of a node instantly.

Charitable Donations
5% of platform’s monthly profits are donated to a charity chosen by the AGDN Masternode Network.


Coin specification

Ticker: AGDN
Algo : XEVAN
Minting : Proof-of-Stake / Masternode
Block reward: 90% Masternode / 10% POS
Block reward; 4 AGDN
Block Time: 60 sec
Max Supply: 2 700 000 AGDN
MN Collateral: 1 000 AGDN
Zerocoin: Enabled
Governance: Enabled


Block rewards

1 – 55,000 : 4 AGDN
55,001 – 100,000 : 5 AGDN
100,001 – 175,000 : 4 AGDN
175,001 – 275,000 : 3 AGDN
275,001 – 450,000 : 2 AGDN
450,001 – 1,000,000 : 1 AGDN
1,000,001 – 2,240,046 : 0.5 AGDN




Blockchain launch

Armageddon masternode instant deployment

Exchnage listing

Shared masternode portal

Implement 3rd party masternodes

2019 Q1

Mass marketing phase 1

Mining pool release


2019 Q2

iOS Masternode managment app

Android Masternode managment app

Major exchange listing



Windows –> Find it HERE

Linux –> Find it HERE

Mac –> Find it HERE