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Gentarium Platform

Interview with Gentarium Platform Creators

Sponsored   CryptoShib listed blockchain project Gentarium sometime back and now it is time to get more insights into the project. Publishing interview with project creators.   (CS) Your project description in two sentences. Our platform provides the opportunity of an automatic masternodes deployment, shared mn, and the ability to manage asics and gpu rigs. (CS)…
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crypto payments

Crypto Payments Significant Contribution in Empowering Exchange

Sponsored   Recently, cryptocurrency has gained a lot of international recognition after experiencing remarkable and significant development. The aggregate sum of digital assets and cryptocurrencies on trades doubled from six hundred and seventeen to one thousand three hundred and thirty-five in 2017. In this way, 2017 has subsequently been considered as the “Cryptocurrency Year.” Up…
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bitcoin adult payments

Bitcoin Adult: A fast and private payment solution for Adult content

Sponsored   Bitcoin Adult is a unique bridge between the adult content industry and consumers. The platform relies on blockchain technology as well as technically advanced Proof of Stake to achieve fast, secure and private service. Accordingly, the platform is the ultimate payment solution for adult content payment. Naturally, the consumers in any industry want…
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The Petro cryptocurrency

Overview of Venezuela’s Hyperinflation and its Crypto: Petro

Venezuela is said to be experiencing the worst inflation ever. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also reported that Inflation in the country is likely to reach about a million percent before the year runs out. The IMF has also reported that the hyperinflation faced by the government of Venezuela is the highest ever recorded…
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Blockvest scam

Scam Crypto Website is Using Fake SEC Badge as a Sign of Approval

In a few days ago press release by the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, the agency made it known that it has obtained a court order which makes it possible to arrest and prosecute whoever is in charge of the blockchain based company, Blockvest. Blockvest Blockvest is a blockchain based company which was founded and…
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Bakkt regulated platform for cryptos

Intercontinental Exchange Formed a New Platform Focused on Cryptos

A leading clearinghouse and operator of global exchanges, Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), has recently made an announcement that it will be creating a new company, which it will be naming, Bakkt. Bakkt to Make use of Microsoft’s Technology According to a report, Bakkt will be making use of Microsoft’s cloud solutions towards creating a well…
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Genesis Global Trading

Genesis Global Trading has Loaned out About Half a Billion USD so far

Genesis Global Trading has confirmed that it does loan out digital assets to institutional borrowers, which includes hedge funds as well as other centralized financial institution. The over-the-counter cryptocurrency dealers have also made it known that the total of cryptos loaned out so far, stands at about half a billion dollars. Genesis Global Trading To…
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Gaming Payments

MMOCoin – Gaming Payments on Blockchain

Sponsored community was founded in 2008. MMOPro’s own Cryptocurrency Called MMOCoin launched in March 2018. The MMOCoin platform is designed by experienced gamers, with years of experience not only playing games but actively developing games. The thirst for a better way of conducting the purchase of additional gaming features (add-ons) across several multiple…
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Squire Mining LTD is developing a New Mining Rig with 4 times More Profit Earning Potential

Data recently released has made it known that the cryptocurrency mining market was valued at USD 610.91 Million in 2016. Based on another report that made a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) prediction of about 29.7%, a valuation of about USD 38.38 Billion is expected by 2025. This rapid growth can be attributed to the rising adoption of…
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Telegram Messenger Service Decided to Launch New Blockchain Platform

Almost everyone into cryptocurrency has found the need to make use of Telegram at one point or the other. The Telegram app is focused on providing the chance to send encrypted messages from one user to the other. Telegram and TON Telegram was officially launched in 2013 and it has so far recorded over 200…
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