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Beam cryptocurrency anonymity

BEAM: The Next-Generation Private and Confidential Cryptocurrency

The one reason why the cryptocurrencies managed to gain a huge consumer appeal is its feature of anonymity. However, digital assets powered by the blockchain technology usually have an open and public ledger of its transactions. A significant downside to this is that privacy is often compromised. Even though Bitcoin promises to have some privacy…
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x42 Protocol

How To Beat Bitcoin Qualities: x42 Protocol

Since the creation of Bitcoin 10 years ago, several other blockchains has been created to match and supercede the functions of Bitcoin. The reason behind this is that people are now more interested in a blockchain project that gives absolute control over the creation, distribution and decentralized hosting of applications in the form of smart…
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privacy coins EUNO

The Dark Ledger: The Privacy Coins Taking Anonymous Shopping Mainstream

Less than a year ago as cryptocurrency prices doubled over the holiday season, few mainstream payment gateways accepted the virtual money fattening crypto wallets. If you found the perfect sweater for your loved one on Shopify, you were obliged to pay for it with fiat currency. Today the challenge is choosing which gateway to use.…
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DUDGX interview

Interview With Blockchain Project DUDGX Team

CryptoShib listed blockchain project DUDGX time ago and now would like to get more insights about this project from their team members. Publishing interview with project creators.   (CS) Give us your project description in two sentences. DUDGX will be the first protective pads platform where you will be able to customize your protective pads…
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crowdfunding donation platform

Virtuous Rewards: Blockchain-based Crowdfunders Are Valuing and Trading Acts of Kindness

Begging family, friends and strangers to crowdfund your project can be time-consuming and demotivating. What if your “great idea” could be brought to fruition in a self-sustaining network of virtuous donors who not only provide you with funding in cryptocurrency but also good karma? But unlike the intangible karma from your yoga class—an ephemeral concept…
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Zerocoin protocol and Zcoin

Data Protection: Zerocoin Protocol and ZCoin

With the need to protect one’s data and private information rapidly increasing, various ways to achieve this are being explored and developed on a regular basis. This need to protect data at all cost stems from the fact that people are quite tired of large centralized corporations harvesting their private information for profit. One way…
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project CryptoFlow Interview

Interview with CryptoFlow Team

CryptoShib has listed blockchain project CryptoFlow and now would like to get more insights about this project from their team members. Publishing interview with project creators.   (CS) Your project description in one-two sentences. Cryptoflow was created to provide a simpler service for people to exchange their Fiat into Crypto within minutes and for the…
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POS into mobile devices

Venox Coin: Staking and Privacy at The Convenience of Your Phone

Venox coin is an interesting Proof of Stake coin that mainly utilizes mobile phone options for staking and efficient, private transactions. Notably, this community-oriented coin also relies on Zerocoin technology. This is because Zerocoin effectively guarantees transaction privacy. Even though the development team takes up the primary role of building and promoting Venox, any community…
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Crypto Platform Midas.Investments

Midas Investments: Creating an Intelligent Crypto Platform

Sponsored   It comes as no surprise that over the past 2 years, over 2000 blockchain related projects have surfaced on the market, with varying degree of success. However, the crypto-space is still in its fledgling state with investors often facing security risks and frauds. One of the lingering problems plaguing the cryptocurrency market is…
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Interview with Coin2Play

Interview with Coin2Play Team

Sponsored CryptoShib some time back listed blockchain project Coin2Play and now it is time to get more insights about this project. Publishing interview with project creators.   (CS) Your project description in two sentences (short pitch) Coin2Play (C2P) plans to revolutionize the way online casino gambling and betting industry currently operates, by using a provably…
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