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CrowdFund Coin

The worlds first decentralized CrowdFunding platform built on the blockchain


CFUND aka Crowd Funding Coin is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency that introduces a never seen before concept. Startup companies and projects can be proposed by the entrepreneurs, selected by community, and paid by the block chain itself.

The concept of this platform is to bring together those who want to develop projects and those who want to invest in them. CFUND will accept applications from startup companies looking for investments to get their product launched. These applications will be listed on the platform and everyone will be able to purchase part of it to finance it. CFUND currency will be used to operate with investment at below retail price prior to production. The blockchain will be used to create smart contracts ensuring that investors CFUNDs are secure until product/project delivery.

Some of the applicants looking for investments from CFUND will have the option to trade a percentage of their company for CFUND coins that they can sell on the exchange for FIAT to cover startup costs.


Masternode investment opportunities

The project will use the blockchain to allow all of the masternode holders to vote on which companies get direct support from CFUND. Masternode holders will also get dividends from the companies when they become profitable. The amount of support will depend on the market capitalization of CFUND and the number of businesses selected to support per year.

Crowd Fund Coin

Everyone will be able to get some CrowdFund Coins initially during presale on exchanges. Until that there are bounties rewards that one can use for earning CFUND.


Coin specification

Name: CrowdFund Coin
Ticker: CFUND
Algorithm: Neoscrypt
Pre-mine: 200,000
Max Supply: 18,000,000
Block Time: 60 seconds
Masternode Collateral: 1000 CFUND
Block Reward: 6 CFUND Block 2-40,000
8 CFUND Block 40,000-60,000
10 CFUND Block 60,000-80,000
14 CFUND Block 80,000-100,000
20 CFUND Block 100,000-200,000
15 CFUND Block 200,000-250,000
11 CFUND Block 250,000-300,000
7 CFUND Block 300,000-500,000
5 CFUND Block 500,000-750,000
Reward distribution: 85% Masternode 15% POS



Q3 2018
Market research
Product planning

Blockchain development
Coin coding

Seed Node establishment – Genesis Block Launch
Windows + Linux Wallet Release
White Paper development
Website Development
Explorer Development

Q4 2018
Business Model Development / Fine Tuning
Website Beta
White Paper Release
Explorer development
Bounties, Airdrops, Publicity and Promotion
Presale start

Business Model Development / Fine Tuning
Website Launch
Explorer Completed + Launched listing
Masternode hosting platform listing
Presale continued

Closed Alpha Platform
Android wallet/app
2nd exchange listing

Q1 2019
Platform Closed Beta
Sneak Peek

Platform development, bug fixing, etc.
Increased Marketing + visibility
Partnerships and affiliates

Platform Launch (Bigfix Dependent)