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Crux Coin

The Heart Of Cryptocurrencies


Project Crux has multiple ambitious goals that the project develops. Crux automated Masternode hosting for cryptocurrencies with CRUX Coin for paying a hosting fee. Currently, the project has completed this services only for Crux Coin but other coins will be added in Q1 2019.

For those who are in merchandise – there is payment gateway for merchants as well as e-commerce platform with Crux coin will be built in near future. This coin is also used as payment currency for – the platform for Masternode tracking and marketing services. Finally, it will own debit card for cryptocurrencies with Crux Coin as voting currency.

Crux coin is the first cryptocurrency with 3 implemented projects. The first one is payment gateway for cryptocurrencies – Paycc which is using crux coin used as a voting currency. 2nd implemented project is masternode tracking site also provides marketing services to cryptocurrencies. 3rd is automated masternodes hosting where you can host crux masternodes free for the year 2018, it will be open for other coins from Q1 2019.

The main upcoming part of the project is to issue debit cards for crypto currencies. The Crypto debit cards are prepaid debit cards which allow you to top-up your card with cryptocurrency, which is then converted into fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) so that you can make a purchase online or withdraw from ATMs worldwide. Crux Coin will be used as voting currency while choosing the altcoins.
E-commerce platform with Crux Coin as currency is another upcoming project.


Crux coin

  • Superior technology in privacy having zero-proof knowledge
  • Deploy any masternode on Crux network & begin your passive income journey automatically in just a few clicks!
  • Instant Payments confirmations and spendable within seconds, No need to wait for multiple confirmations
  • Monitor with “Node Monitor” – with email & mobile alerts and in tune with your masternodes and block reward
  • Smart Block Rewards Focussed on price stabilization mechanism and a way to encourage long-term holding
  • Masternodes provides the services anonymized, ensuring there is no centralized party to attack or take down
  • Provides fast and secure transactions for a more stable network.
  • The future of mining: energy efficient and generates value with a low input
  • Protect your financial information. Private Send ensures your activity history and balances are private
  • Project developers are experienced in blockchain technology and hope to bring it to new heights for all the world to see.
  • Based on Proof-of-Stake. No more power hungry mining hardware.


Mnmarketcap portal

Mnmarketcap designed to operate with Crux and to include multiple options for new masternode coins to get a head start on their journey. With its simple design and friendly user interface, Mnmarketcap offers both users and coin developers multiple options to promote their projects and get what they need effortlessly.

The main role of Masternode Market Capital in crux is for the services in Masternode Market Capital you can use the CRUX coin. You can use CRUX for the payment for the services which you like. Mnmarketcap helps to all the Cryptocurrency to popular around the web by giving the services like Coin marketing, Email marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Discord Service, Telegram service it will make any cryptocurrency to popular all over the world.


Payment gateway

Paycc aims to be an easy payment gateway that will function with Crux. Users will be able to vote for adding new payment options as in coins with Crux. Paycc will offer multiple payment options and new features to offer an easy solution for paying with cryptocurrencies.

Crux coin is used as a payment currency and it is also used for coin voting in Paycc.

The following programs will be done in Paycc.
Dec 2018 the WordPress and Woo-commerce plugins will release.
Jan 2019 Blesta Zencart plugins will be released
Feb 2019 ATM Withdrawal will be introduced it will help withdraw fiat currency easily
Mar 2019 Android Application will be released
Apr 2019 Bank Withdrawal (SEPA, Wire Transfer) will be introduced
June 2019 Magento, Oscommerce, VirtueMart plugins
Sep 2019 Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, OkPay withdrawals will be introduced
Oct 2019 UberCart, Drupal commerce plugins will be released
Nov 2019 Opencart, Prestashop Plugins.
Dec 2019 Project will develop IOS application and submit it to Apple for approval.

Main features of the platform

No chargeback
No monthly fees
No hidden fees
No ID card required
No upper limit
Only 0.9% transaction fees
ATM withdrawal
Instant approval
Daily payouts
No bank account needed
Ultra-fast processing
Easy setup
Global coverage
Higher security
Low costs
24/7 email/customer service
Fast settlement
Easy integration
Payment on wallets
Email notifications
Support on integration
0% fees for Crux coin


Crux Debit

The Crypto debit cards are prepaid debit cards which allow you to top-up your card with cryptocurrency, which is then converted into fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) so that you can make a purchase. Some Crypto debit cards hold your Cryptocurrency and convert it into fiat only at the time of a transaction through your digital wallet. Some other cards convert it into equivalent fiat as soon as you top it up.

Crux card eventually will support other alternative cryptocurrencies. The Crux coin will support other cryptocurrencies.


Coin specification

Coin Name: CRUX COIN
Coin Ticker: CUX
Type: POS+MN
Swiftx: 5000 CUX
Block Size: 2MB
Algorithm: POS+zPOS
Hybrid Block Time: 60 Sec
Max Supply: 56 Million CUX
Coin Maturity: 60 Blocks
MN Collateral: 2500 CUX
Premine Coin; 3%
Staking Time: 1hr