CryptoFightClub Coin

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CryptoFightClub Coin

The coin that represents the fighter in all of us!

There were some ideas for later after establishing the coin, a couple of charities and worthy causes to sponsor. Yet to begin with, the goal is to have an abundant coin where everyone may have the opportunity to attain and grow. Since it represents the fighter in us all, it grows as we grow, as our life changes as well as in the virtual world when you level up in a game.

What this project wants is for CryptoFightClub Coin to be utilized in all aspects of currency for purchases of goods and services through the community, gaming and peer to peer.

Founders of this project are SuperDoggie/broomez420 & The Pharaoh.

About a year or two before 2010, there were development of popular in-game currency. We all have played games and earned virtual money to use in the game, used solely for the purpose of upgrading a character or tool. One day it happened, almost magically. A coin was created which at the time had no real-world value. First, it was used within the World of Warcraft community as players of the game traded their coins for physical products and to level up once they were at a comfortable level.

As something of a commodity, it soon had actual monetary value. Those watching the
cryptocurrency market has seen it rise and fall recently in value, but it is holding on as a widely used and accepted payment for services and goods. With this being the focus lately, new coins are being developed.

Project features and functionality

In order to fill the ever-flowing need for development and innovation, there will be a subscription fee associated with the use of crypto fight club information centers. The purpose of a subscription fee is to facilitate community voting, access the information portals for various projects, contact with the team leader and developers.
Note: the use of the coin itself is not tied to any fees from the service (only transaction costs and trading fees will be charged to most users of the coin).

The use of podcasts will be implemented on a various schedule form once a month to once a week. This will provide the community with near real-time updates on the progress of current projects.

Store merchandise and apparel
An online store will be available for members of the community. Income from these sales will go directly towards the development and growth of Crypto Fight Club.

Community information hub
The hub will consist of multiply content writers with a team leaders who will oversee and assist in verifying content writers for accuracy. There is support planned for the hub. There will be two webmasters to ensure the site’s functionality and redundancy for the best possible uptime, updates and new innovations.

Low to nearly zero fees
With all he great technology built into the base of the project, Crypto Fight Club Coin is a currency with nearly zero transaction fees. The safety of your funds and keeping it in your control is project’s highest priority.

Fast transaction speeds
Crypto Fight Club Coin runs on a lightening network with speeds to back it up. Funds are sent nearly instantly.

Project’s Story

Stemmed from an idea after seeing and acquiring many new coins, project team decided to research and learn the difficulties associated with creating a new currency. Little by little team gained traction with support from the community, assistance from multiple developers, faucet owners, web designers, users. All that was aggregated and came together to create CryptoFightClub Coin. As project’s community grows, support for this project does as well.

Coin specifications

Name: CryptoFightClub Coin
Ticker: CFCC
Algorithm: SCRYPT
Type: POS
Max Supply: 5.6 million
POS Rewards: POS 85% PER ANNUM
Min stake time: 8 hours
Max stake time: unlimited
Confirmations: 2
Maturity: 10 blocks
Premine: 280,000 CFCC
Block time: 60 seconds



Brainstorm for use scenarios and gain partnerships for accepting Coin for goods and services
Development begun on new CFCC server management bot
Work on Next level White Paper
2019 Road Map Development
Telegram bot added for seamless communication

Continue Marketing Push
Revamp Exchanges 
Wallet updates if required
Discord updated
Status of PoS block

CFCC Update Videos and continued Push
Staking solutions evaluated and revamp if required
3 New Exchanges should be reached
Social Media outlets advertising
Full implementation of utility coin should be reached 

Possible launch of new project for the team
Road Map
Discord, Telegram, and other social media outlets


[email protected]
1525 East Palm Valley Blvd.
RoundRock, TX 78664