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Near Instant Fiat To Crypto Transfers

CryptoFlow is a fully formed company that aims to provide Fiat to Crypto transfer in minutes for as little as 2% fees. Project has over 100+ Altcoins and Bitcoin available for transfers. It is important to note that CryptoFlow will not be an exchange. The easiest way to describe the process is that CryptoFlow will be completing Atomic Swaps for investors and handling exchanges between currencies for the investor.

Cryptoflow will offer near-instant transactions with lower fees than most projects and will also offer direct access to Bitcoin and hundreds of other altcoins to investors.

There will be 0% fees for transfer and one would have to use CryptoFlow Coin (CFL) to access the crypto market. This platform will also have an Investor Loyalty Program where a portion of the revenue will be used to reward masternode holders for their continued support.

UPDATED! The project has started to serve UK customers and will grow into a Global platform starting with Europe and USA in 2019.

The background of the project

With an explosion in the number of cryptocurrencies today, there is a growing divide between the exchanges that allow fiat to be deposited and the specific coin investors who are looking to purchase. If the exchange that accepts fiat does not trade the chosen digital currency, another transfer and exchange are required. This requires more time and additional fees, all of which lessens the strength of an investment.

Between network fees and platform fees, investors find a significant chunk of their money missing if they move it around too much. It creates an uphill battle for investors to grow their blockfolio.

Solutions of the CryptoFlow project


CryptoFlow will create an ecosystem that allows near-instant entry into digital currency. Acting as an intermediary between the investor’s fiat currency and the cryptocurrency they aim to acquire, CryptoFlow will facilitate fast transactions that maximize the investors time and money.

Fast service

A deposit into the CryptoFlow platform will quickly return the desired cryptocurrency, without excessive fees. No longer will investors need to spend hours and days waiting for funds to clear and transactions to confirm. The process will take between 5 minutes and an hour, depending on the confirmation speed of the chosen currency.

Friendly fees

CryptoFlow will offer low fees and through their own cryptocurrency, no fees whatsoever. There is an equilibrium that can and should be achieved between platforms and investors. This will result in higher investor confidence and repeat business as more money remains with the investors.

Unique loyalty program

By introducing a Loyalty Program for the investors, it will incentivize the long-term holding of a CFL masternode. This will be announced after the launch of the platform.

An equivalent of 25% of the amount of CFL transfers would be paid out once a month to current masternode holders. These resources will come from 10% Pre-mine coins and these payouts will be recorded and shared publicly within the community.

Coin specification

Ticker – CFL

Algorithm – Quark

Max Supply – 3,000,000,000

POS 10% MN 90%

Masternode collateral – 100,000 CFL

Block reward till block 10,000 – 15

Block timer- 60 sec

POS start block – 501

Maturity – 20 Min

StakeAge – 1 Hour

Port: 3333

Premined: 10.4%

0.4% initial costs of launching the platform as well as team funds

10% locked away and will be used in the later stage of the project life. Once the platform is more mature and has a strong revenue stream, small portions of the 10% will be used as a liquidity tool to bring CFL coins to the market.

A second revenue stream for committed investors is the implementation of the Loyalty Program that will utilize a portion of the Pre-mine.

Usage of the CryptoFlow coin

The CryptoFlow coin (CFL) will play a vital role in the growth and longevity of the platform. Project plans that a multi-purpose coin, CFL will be featured on multiple exchanges for trading. Investors can choose to hold and build masternodes to collect rewards, as well as its utility within the CryptoFlow platform itself.

Project’s team

Barry Doyle, Ireland

Andrew Silverman, United Kingdom

Marketing team -> Guerillascope Marketing, UK


Email: [email protected]