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Smart & Safe Digital Storage for any Crypto Assets


Defense Coin and software are the one-stop solutions for different cryptocurrencies. The strength comes from their Masternode collateral to support the growth of the Defense Coin.

Defense Coin wallet’s basic idea is to eliminate the necessity for online and offline wallets, as keys can be stolen, forgotten and technically can be complicated for the end user. To increase the security level of the wallet, the team of Defense Coin is developing something called Defense Box that will be introduced towards the end of this year. The MVP is planned to release around November – December 2018. Main feature of the Defense Box is an encrypted file that is used for storing cryptocurrency that you can open after a certain date or time, for extra security one can open or scceaa the file according to price changes of certain cryptocurrencies, opening these files will need extra confirmation (e-mail, Telegram, or via phone) and more. If you use a private DefenseBox, the content will be completely hidden.


Defense Coin

The new coin is offering a Proof of Stake and Masternode setup, with its block rewards. The maturity of the block will be around 20 blocks. A variable reward structure is planned to combat inflation in the future. Masternodes collateral is 1000-5000 DFS.

Defense Coin is listed in a several master nodes platforms:


Platform’s security

This is a decentralized service, thanks to which any potential unauthorized access to any infrastructural elements will not allow access to DefenseBox content. All the system components are opensource-solutions whose source code will be available
on GitHub and can be audited by anyone.


Coin Specification

  • Ticker – DFS
  •  Masternode Collateral – 1000-5000 DFS
  •  Block Time – 60 sec
  •  MN Rewards – 80%
  •  Staking – 20%
  •  Maturity – 20 blocks
  •  10 years supply – 9 574 998 DFS



DefenseBox is a container which can contain only one kind of cryptocurrency. The user only has to choose the cryptocurrency they want to buy in the DefenseBox container and its amount. All the rest will be done by Defense itself.

A user can choose to buy a DefenseBox with a certain predetermined value inside (for example, 0.1 ETH, 0.05 BTC, 0.1 ETC) or any value of their own choosing. In the first case, the transaction is performed instantaneously – the user receives a DefenseBox that was previously created on Defense. In the second case, the transaction is completed after the network confirms it.

Open DefenseBox content includes metadata on the DefenseBox contents, including addresses of wallets where the funds are kept. This ensures that a stated amount of currency is present in DefenseBox.

Encrypted contents contain the private key for opening DefenseBox. In order to decrypt the content, the program needs a password consisting of 2 parts: the password (generated in the user’s browser when creating or buying DefenseBox) and the key (to open the encrypted content, this is stored on the DefenseNet nodes and is sent to the program when a user wants to unpack the container).

This is the cheapest way to buy cryptocurrency for fiat. The user pays for cryptocurrency in fiat at the current exchange rate + Stock Commission and Commission for transferring cryptocurrency + Defense Commission. However, the Defense Commission is minimal; it is only 0.05% of the transaction amount.

The picture below will give a deeper understanding of DefenseBox method.


Defense Lab

An online service / feature for work with Defense Box. With a few clicks, will be possible:

  • to buy a ready-made Defense Box containing preset amounts (0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, etc.)
  • to buy Defense Box for arbitrary amounts
  • to unpack a Defense Box and send the contents to the desired wallet
  • to save the Defense Box and send it at the right time to a recipient
  • to create Defense Box with special unpacking conditions


Defense Wallets

Windows X64 -> get HERE

Windows X32 -> get HERE

Linux -> get HERE

Mac OS -> get HERE


Project roadmap

Stage 1 – Inception

Whitepaper release

Wallets release

Exchange listings

Listing in and

Masternode sale


Stage 2 – Marketing
Partially completed

Community airdrops and bounties

Partnership with masternode services

Social media advertising

Listing in,,,

Get Delta App

Blockfolio App


Stage 3 – Development

Launch Defense Lab + Defense Box

Defense Wallet with Defense Box

Defense mobile wallet

Defense website update

Defense Box web plugin

Defense Net

Smart contracts


Stage 4 – Project goes Live

Launch full version of Defense wallet

Legal Representation

Ongoing business development


Participating in Crypto conferencies and events


Short INTRO video by Defense Coin