Fantasy Gold Coin


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FantasyGold Coin

Cryptocurrency that Powers Fantasy Sports and eSports


Fantasy Gold acts as an in-game currency used to enter contests and pay prizes as well as a payment processing network.

Fantasy Gold open source Blockchain cryptocurrency allows fantasy sports developers to build and integrate their own applications. They can also distribute content and moreover a decentralized network. Fantasy Gold Masternodes offer the fantasy sports industry a platform where new ideas and proposals can be submitted. These ideas are given to the community for voting.

Fantasy Gold FGC is a peer to peer cryptocurrency and blockchain serving the $7 Billion fantasy sports industry in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Fantasy Gold project does not charge any additional transaction or service fees to use the payment network. Senders pay a small transaction fee that is awarded to miners who process the transactions.

Anyone who holds 10,000 Fantasy Gold coins can run a Masternode on a basic VPS server or even a Raspberry Pi.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Gold will host daily fantasy sports contests on its own branded site using the Company’s proprietary Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) platform. allows users to compete against one another to win prizes awarded in Fantasy Gold Coin (FGC). The site currently offers daily and weekly fantasy sports contests for the following sports leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. The project anticipates launching Fantasy Cricket in early 2019 followed by Fantasy Soccer.

One can purchase directly Coins (FGC) with Debit and Credit Cards.

The fantasy sports problem

Daily Fantasy Sports sites earn a 10% commission for each contest, however, credit card processing is as high as 5% cutting profits in half. Player Deposits can be frozen or worse stolen. Combined with the risk of Fraudulent Deposits & Charge Backs, a more secure and cost-effective solution is needed.

Fantasy sports solution

To solve these & other problems we have created Fantasy Gold. Our coin is more secure for both the end user & fantasy sports sites. Transaction costs are drastically lowered. With our Blockchain & open ledger, players can be confident their deposited funds are safe & are used only to payout prize pools.


Enter platform DraftDaily HERE.


eSports Competitions

eSports tournaments and 1v1 contests will be hosted on the Company’s proprietary eSports platform, Fantasy Gold Coin will be the in-game currency used for tournament entries and prize pools. Live events may also include additional cash prizes provided by sponsors and from crowdsourcing. FantasyGold has partnered with Millennial eSports to organize the events to be held at their eSports Arena in Las Vegas.

The eSports problem

Similar to the problem in Fantasy Sports, eSports Competitions have payment processors that charge up to 5% processing fees and also have high chances of disputes and chargebacks.

Project’s eSports solution

Using FGC for eSports Contest entries allows the competitors and competition holders a peace of mind knowing that the processing fees are only 0.001 FGC with no chance of disputes and chargebacks.

Enter eSports Platform HERE

Coin specification

Coin name: Fantasy Gold Coin
Ticker: FGC
Max coin supply: 21 Million
Algorithm: NIST5
Type: PoS/MN
RPC Port: 57810
P2P Port: 57814
Block Reward: 47 FGC
Block Spacing: 90 Seconds
Difficulty Algorithm: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
Block Size: 1MB
Mined/Minted Maturity: 67 Blocks (~100 Minutes)
Confirmation: 6 Blocks (~9 Minutes)
Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR
PoS: Blackcoin v3.0 PoS
Current block reward: 35.25


Preparation for a swap from DFS Coin to Fantasy Gold Coin

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FGC masternodes
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Elo rating, Brackets & Ladders on DraftDaily
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FGC arena w/Online tournaments & ladders

DraftDaily mobile app

Full-featured FGC wallet with Fantasy sports news, stats, gameplay and more

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Project’s team

FGC Lead & Developer
Nicolas Hernandez, Miami, USA – LinkedIn
With a reputation for being a dynamic and highly motivated executive with a strong technical aptitude, Nicolas is focused on positively impacting businesses and generating revenue in the gaming industry.

Sr.Vice Pres.of Business
Jason Liberto, Baltimore, USA – LinkedIn
His passion is Computers And All Things Sports. Currently Involved in A huge Project BringingDaily Fantasy Sports, Crypto-Currency, and esports Together.

CTO & Lead Web Developer
Alok Kumara Saxena, India – LinkedIn
Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry with overall 5 years of experience in architecting and developing large scale, high-performance Amazon AWS, PHP, Zend, Laravel, CakePHP, drupal6&7, codeigniter, MongoDB, mysql, python, django based application.

Director of Business Development
Mark Petrozzella, NY, USA – LinkedIn
23 years of experience in sales, advertising, marketing, traffic tracking, digital and social media. Have huge experience also in brand building, fantasy sports, sports marketing, and overall search engine optimization.

Community Director
Craig Williams, Baltimore, USA – LinkedIn

EU Business Development
Kevin Browne, Ireland – LinkedIn

FGC Coin Developer
Timothy Baker, Toledo, USA – LinkedIn
Creative and customer-centric IT management professional and network engineer. Accomplished leader and entrepreneur.

Lead Designer & Frontend
Spencer Wade, Springfield, USA – LinkedIn


Introduction with Fantasy Gold Coin – watch the video below


Fantasy Gold Masternode setup – watch the video below