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Fast Way Logline

Secure Transfers Are Our Standard


Short Introduction of The Project

Problem statement

Migrants send more than 500 billion dollars to their home countries. After 2000, those remittances have rapidly overtaken official development aid. Workers’ remittances have become a major source of external development finance, providing a convenient angle from which to approach the complex migration agenda.

How Does It Works

The Fast Way service is based on the top of line experiences involved in the transfer between fiat and digital currencies. The project, aimed at optimizing and simplifying the process of money transfer, is fully realized within our platform. Based upon blockchain technology, our platform will enable our customers to carry out cross-border transfers quickly and more importantly, cheap, private, and secure. The FastWay.

While conducting cross-border transfers, money can sometimes “hang out” at an agent for an extended period of time. This is usual the issuing bank or the acquiring bank holding the funds. SafeWay will facilitate, built on the security of blockchain technology, almost instant transfers that don’t get stuck in the grasps of a centralized bank.

Features of The Project

Transfer Speed

Transactions are instant, compared to the delayed transactions found in current technologies.

Cross-Border Transfers

The ability to transfer instantaneously between your friends, relatives, and business associates in other countries.

24 Hour Operation Through Automated Services

All transactions are processed automatically, allowing FastWay to provide services 24/7/365 without interruption.

Low Commission Fees

Due to the utilization of blockchain technology, we offer extremely low fees for transfers. The commission associated with transfers will never exceed 2%.

User-Friendly Interface

FastWay does not require registration, verification, and other usual bureaucratic safeguards. Our platform works completely different with a minimum of data need to process transactions.

Private Transactions

The entire system is design to maximize user privacy. Both sender and receiver information will be obfuscated from public and team view, only basic data is needed to complete transfers.

Technical information

Coin name: FastWay

Ticker: FAW

Type: POS + Masternodes

Algorithm: Quark

Block time: 30 sec

Total Supply: 250 000 000 FAW

Maturity time: 6 hours

Stake minimum: 200 FAW

Masternode Collateral: 25 000 FAW

POS rewards: 10%

Masternode rewards: 90%