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Making Crypto Payments Easy for Merchants and Consumers

GoByte’s (GBX) mission to make crypto payments easy for merchants and consumers, by creating a platform that integrates with the tools that businesses use while making it familiar for both consumers and merchants. The GoByte Pay platform is live with an easy to use web-based interface and soon to be released elegant and fast mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The project team understands that in order to spread adoption of cryptocurrencies and GoByte, they have to develop a system that embraces crypto payments of all kinds. While many projects are creating a platform to drive adoption of their own coin, the GoByte team understands the processing market and the current status of crypto, in general, requires them to build a system that works with all cryptocurrencies and GoByte Pay will fulfill that goal in future releases.

GoByte is a masternode-based network, which means that coin holders that stake 1000 coins in a masternode earn rewards of new coins for holding and locking those coins in their wallet.

There is also a plan to build and develop ATMs, POS terminals and Card Readers within this project and through partnerships with other technology companies.

Project has a governance feature found in Dash and other cryptocurrencies, for creating a self-sustaining economic system.


GoByte uses masternode technology that provides an almost instant 1.3 sec per transaction on an average with secured and anonymous transactions.

The GoByte Network is modular meaning the components of the system can be updated independently without causing errors or issues with other modules.

GoByte is an ASIC resistant coin using the NeoScrypt hashing algorithm that can be mined using Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). At first glance, GoByte might seem to be just another Dash fork, but the difference is PoW algorithms. Dash’s core runs on the well know X11 algorithm while GoByte uses the NeoScrypt algorithm, which is an improved version of the basic Scrypt.

GoByte Pay is an instant crypto checkout with easy to use shopping cart plugins to be released in the near future and includes an invoice builder, and an API for integration with other platforms. This tool is must have for those who plan to accept cryptocurrencies in their business.

GoByte Pay – https://medium.com/gobytenetwork/announcing-version-1-0-of-gobyte-pay-80b1502b2f16

iVend Pay – GoByte integration


An important feature of GoByte project is the invoicing and product system built into GoByte Pay. There is an “Auto Split” function that can automatically split the percentage of any incoming transfer into another wallet address, geo-tagged by location to set the percentage and set it inside a separate wallet or even automatically send it to another wallet address.

Features at a glance:
  • Send and receive GoByte (GBX) cryptocurrency within seconds
  • Built-in payment gateway and web wallet integration so that a merchant can account for all of their transactions both on the web, in apps, and in stores
  • Allows the user to have multiple wallets of cryptocurrency in one account that can be designated for different accounts or purposes
  • Will supports multiple currencies in a single account
  • Supports 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) for logins, transactions, and withdrawals to help users secure their coins
  • Easy to use with a professional interface
  • Notifications with each cryptocurrency payment and transfer can be configured by the user
  • Fund transfers within GoByte Pay network are free

Coin specification

Ticker: GBX
Script: NeoScrypt
Max supply: 31.8 millions
Block time: 150 seconds
Block maturity: 100 blocks
Premined: 850 000 GBX



16th Nov 2017 Genesis block mined
18th Nov 2017 First GoByte masternodes auction
19th Nov 2017 Second GoByte masternodes auction
CoinsMarkets Listing
Mnrank.com Listing
21st Nov 2017 Masternode.online Listing
21st Nov 2017 Masternodes.pro Listing
25th Nov 2017 Cryptopia Listing
04th Dec 2017 CoinExchange Listing
14th Mar 2018 Whitepaper Release
30th Mar 2018 GoBytePay Beta Release
30th Mar 2018 HitBTC Listing
22nd May 2018 Partnership with PolisPay
07th June 2018 – Governance code implemented
16th August 2018 GoBytePay Version 1.0 Launch
TBA GoByte Core Soft Fork
Segregated Witness
Atomic Swaps
Quantum Resistance

Project’s team

The project has a truly international team with members from around the world as well as a strong advisory board.

Chief executive officers:

Hisyam, Malaysia, creator of the project – LinkedIn profile

With a bachelor’s degree from a well-known university in Malaysia, Hisyam is an experienced system and network engineer.

Muhamab Nabil, Malaysia – LinkedIn profile

Programmer with a deep interest in software design and architecture, cloud security and distributed systems.

Akif Rabbani, Malaysia – LinkedIn profile

Experienced in back-end system development, Akif has a bachelor’s degree from a prominent university in Malaysia.

Senior marketing assistant, Publishing services manager:

Mathieu Arbez, France – LinkedIn profile

He is a well-known passionated graphic designer/illustrator in the altcoin scene, who has been interested in cryptocurrency since the early days. 

Senior web comms officer, interactive media manager:

Mohd Abdul Syafiq, Malaysia – LinkedIn profile

He has a bachelor’s degree and is experienced in effect design and creative design in the internet industry. 


How to setup your GoByte masternode – watch video below