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The Network That Unlocks Human Potential

Graphcoin (GRPH) is a peer-to-peer network for digital financial transactions. With improved technology Graphcoin attains scalability, sustainability and lowers the barrier of entering network. The project eliminates the need for third-party services in financial transactions.

The Graphcoin network, like the Bitcoin network gives one the ability to use currency in a network, for peer-to-peer payments. It is paired with the use of a distributed ledger. This is similar to Bitcoin, however, Graphcoin is sustainable and provides networking incentives. When owning GRPH, you own a part of the network and you can send Graphcoin transactions without a financial institution. Owning part of the Graphcoin network can be similar to owning part of a bank. The technology employed in the Graphcoin blockchain is focused on optimizing accessibility to digital payment processing networks.

The Graphcoin Mission

A trust-less, decentralized banking system with open access to financial commodities for all, and ownership of assets that cover your basic human rights – food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.
Graphcoin is a defensible organization because of the community that has emerged as a result of the joint mission towards innovation.


Project’s reward system is meant to drive development while maintaining a low barrier to the entry for all members by splitting rewards evenly among staking participants and masternode owners for early adopters in the beginning stages of the blockchain. This system is designed to encourage network participation at all levels.

Features of the project

Private: Masternodes leverage the Zerocoin protocol for private transactions.
Fast: Masternodes facilitate instant transactions using SwiftX.
Sustainable: Proof-of-stake uses drastically less electricity than proof-of-work mining.
Helpdesk: An active support team helps set up masternodes, stake coins and troubleshoot wallet issues.
Developer-driven: A world-class developer group is working hard to execute the project’s roadmap.
Strong community: a vibrant, engaged community with shared beliefs and values ensure long-term adaptation.

Graphcoin Core

Graphcoin Core is an independent organization responsible for code updates and partnerships. The original core team of software developers, behavioral scientists and business leads will remain a part of the project in support of the mission. Project’s core team is committed to compliance with the rapid changes and updates necessary in implementing cryptocurrencies.


Coin specification

Name: Graphcoin
Ticker: GRPH
Algorithm: Quark
Max supply: 100 000 000 GRPH
Protocol: PoS
Block size: 2 mb
Pre-mined: 5%
Masternode collateral: 5 000 GRPH
Block time: 60 sec
Block reward: 20 GRPH
Staking age: 30 min

Roadmap of the project

Q2 2018
Listing on CryptoBridge
Listing on
Start Digital Marketing campaign
Hire community director
Start shared masternode program

Q3 2018

Graphcoin core upgrades
Coin Swap
Rebranding and a new website
One click MN setup by MYCE
Publish Academic Whitepaper
Hire Communications director
Governance model
Stake unit Pool
Introduce with Graphcoin Labs

Beta platform Beam launch

Q4 2018
TBD exchange listings
Live events and conferences
Payment gateway integration
Governance management system (GMS)
Project Core upgrade

Q1 2019
BD exchange listings
Continued marketing
Payment gateway integration
GMS deployment
Project Core development


Rizzo – Community manager, Canada
Cryptojunki – Marketing manager, UK
Sherz – Marketing manager, Philippines
Core – USA
Core developers: gilfoyle, xenyl, JD, Bit Yoda, c45b
Cognitive Science – bfrank
Community Director – CryptoMatrix
Communications Director – itawyola
Community Managers – Bull, chiwomchew, Muffin
Tech Support – c45b, Bit Yoda
Marketing Media Manager – Graph-CJ, PudgeArcana, miu



Email: [email protected]