A comparative analysis of the ICOs – rated by different ICO Review websites.


ICO NAMEicodropsicobenchtrackicoicoratingicomarksCryptoshib
Cryptassist (CTA)-3.9 View4.1 View-9 View8.5 View
Fic NetworkMedium Interest View4.0 View3.7 ViewStable + View7.9 View
Apis Token-----7.5 View
TN Coin-----6.5 View
Börser-2.5 View--4.6 View3.9 View
Jullar---- View-3.5 View
NEXVery High View-3.7 View--
DxChain (DX)High Interest View-4.8 ViewNA View--
Carry Protocol Medium Interest View-4.1 ViewNA View-
MYDFS-4.3 View5.0 ViewStable + View9.6 View9.0 View
VerasitySponsored View4.4 View5.0 View- View7.9 View8.5 View
Alethena-5.0 View5.0 View- View6.6 View7.9 View
Datablockchain-4.9 View5.0 View- View7.2 View
QuarkChainVery High View-3.9 View- View-
MetronomeHigh View3.6 View3.9 View-7.1 View
EdenChainHigh View3.4 View4.1 View-7.8 View
LibraCreditHIGH View-5.0 View- View-
Phantasma ProtocolHigh View-3.7 View--
Fantom High View2.5 View- View- View7.2 View
Liquidity Network (LQD)Medium View3.8 View3.3 View- View6.3 View
EgretiaMedium View3.3 View3.3 View- View6.3 View
TraceToMedium View3.1 View3.9 View- View7.8 View
Sentinel ProtocolMedium View-4.6 View--
OneLedgerMedium View-- View- View-
HeroNodeMedium View----
Omnitude (ECOM)NEUTRAL View4.6 View4.6 ViewSTABLE+ View9.6 View
CoolCousinNEUTRAL View4.0 View4.3 ViewSTABLE+ View8.7 View
FTEC-4.9 View5.0 ViewSTABLE+ View9.6 View
TrueGame(TGAME)-4.8 View5.0 ViewPOSITIVE View9.1 View
LocalCoinSwap (LCS)-4.5 View4.8 View- View9.2 View
MFChain-4.2 View4.8 View- View8.9 View
Bubbletone(UMT)-4.4 View4.4 ViewPOSITIVE View8.1 View
Cryptoflix (FLIX)-4.4 View3.9 View-7.3 View
SHIVOM (OMX)-3.9 View4.4 ViewSTABLE View9.6 View
TheAbyss(ABYSS)-4.0 View5.0 ViewPOSITIVE View10 View
DreamTeam-3.9 View5.0 ViewSTABLE+ View8.8 View
Virtual Universe (VU)-3.6 View4.3 View- View-
MiraLab(MIRA)-3.1 View5.0 View-8.3 View
Pacmancoin -3.1 View--5.9 View
Crosspays--4.4 View--
ICloudSec (CLOUD)2.5 View- View6.9 View



Do let us know if ratings are updated.

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