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Open ecosystem of apps based on the Impleum blockchain platform


Impleum is a powerful and scalable path to develop decentralized applications (DApps). By leveraging Impleum’s masternodes, developers can easily create DApps that are not only highly secure, but also highly scalable. Integration of the blockchain is the deployment of the network node and setting up its connection with the DApp through a documented API. The core of Impleum platform is an object-oriented programming language C# with a huge developer community.

Dapps that are being built on Impleum’s platform –

Teach Lead

Yurii Bulakh – founder of Inteh-S and Avtomatizator, a businessanalyst with over 14 years experience in complex automation of business processes, the technicalideologist of the Impleum blockchain platform.


Vitaliy Yakushev – COO 10 Guards Cybersecurity – Vitaliy is a high-level professional in the fields of information technology and data security, as well as an experienced leader in driving innovation and execution at scale. Vitaliy has over 15 years’ experience in diversified national and international projects in building and operating advanced information systems.

Eddie Wang – C0-founder of Luxor Technologies – Business Strategy Advisor – Eddie is an exceptional strategist, business developer. Currently working intimately with Blockchain services and technologies as Sia Decentralized Storage and Luxor Technologies. Passionate about decentralization, governance, and abstracting Blockchain complexities through product design.

Oleg MishchenkoProduct Owner Strategy – CEO and founder of ION digital – Technical Specialist with an extensive experience in development of Digital projects. Founder and CEO of «ION digital». Engaged in the development of web services and mobile applications since 2010. Participated in the development and launch of more than 10 start-ups.

Total community –

As of 20th, July 2018 – 10,000

Product Development

Launched mainnet at april 2018. Impleum features accessible wallets through graphical user interfaces (GUIs) across all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Project has own Block Explorer. Also launched web wallet service. Decentralize app based on the Impleum blockchain platform. Also crosschain DApp had been started on Impleum blockchain. It makes transactions between Bitcoincore and Impleum blockchains. Other DApps are coming. Currently working on masternodes, smart contracts and sidechains technologies.

Coin Strength

On the source code level of this project conceived the interest (for staking coins in the user’s wallet) that is involved in calculating the reward for finding a block – Proof of Stake (PoS).

Staking your Impleum not only secures and stabilizes the network. It also rewards you with an annual interest rate based on the current block reward. This key difference puts the earning power in your hands and not powerful mining cartels.

Sidechains provide enterprises with the ability to provision custom sidechains with flexible modules such as consensus, block size and privacy; delivering scalable blockchain solutions.

Total coin supply will be 100 000 000 IMP.

Coin Inflation

A fairly small current circulation coin supply is 3264574.0034785 IMP indicates that there will be no hyperinflation. Impleum has low PoS reward and real use. DApps can to use the IMP coin. This leads to a broad distribution of coins among coin holders and their further shortages on market.

Github Community

Over 100 contributors in 4 branches –

Cryptocurrency Exchange – IMP coins will be able on exchanges soon. Now IMP available for buying on CryptoChange



After Interview with Impleum Team on Telegram and information from Open Source.