Future Indian Crypto Exchange


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Indinode is a privacy – based masternode coin for a future INDIAN – NON FIAT cryptocurrency exchange.

Indinode (XIND) is a community-focused, privacy-based coin that is driven to maintain sustainable growth, development, and fair practices within the masternode coin space. Indinode is a self-funded, self-governed, private, instant, and secure cryptocurrency. Indinode uses the best practices, features, and ideas from DASH, PIVX, and Zerocoin.

State Of Cryptocurrency In India

Government policies have restricted foreign exchange trading; hence, it has always been difficult for Indians to trade in international financial instruments.

From 15,000 units per day toward the end of 2017,cryptocurrency trade in India had declined by almost 90% in the first quarter of the year. Since the majority of market participants in India are crypto buyers, India exchanges have struggled to provide a liquid order book to their users.

Despite of these shortcomings, India is a mammoth market for cryptocurrency, and with more telecom and internet penetration, crypto users and adapters in India are growing at a healthy pace.


To overcome the stumbling block of the fiat market in India, IndiNode will only operate in Non-Fiat markets and will create an eco-system where one can earn crypto coins by holding Indinode Masternodes and use IndiNode on IndiNode Exchange to buy other crypto coins. This will create a unique point of entrance into the crypto market for sub-continent investors.



Indinode MasterNode owners operate distributed servers that remain online and perform across the globe to ensure that Indinode transactions are executed instantly, privately, and safely for all upcoming Indinode payment services.

Indinode is a paid masternode layer, i.e., a derivative from Dash/Pivx.

Indinode network rewards masternode owners frequently. PrivatePay and InstaSent features are guaranteed.

Indinode coins will be eligible for staking and earning based on the exchange revenue, similar to BNB Token from Binance or the Crypto Bridge Coin.

Platform will have an integrated exchange that allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies and seamless trading pairs will be managed by the back-end of the exchange.

Indi Exchange will be implemented in jurisdictions where it has the most favorable environment to operate and where its assets/stakeholders’ interests are most protected.

Indinode Masternode’s owner will receive 50% from all profits from exchange operations and payment will be done in XIND

Indinode Blockchain is optimized for fast transactions at a high capacity. The existing 60 second block time is already very fast, but by using SwiftTX, Indinode transactions are instant with ZERO confirmation wait time.

Indinode has implemented the following masternode features in XIND

  • Privacy increase through the Zerocoin protocol
  • Instant transactions using SwiftTX
  • Governance and voting
  • Budgeting and treasury
  • Securing exchange transactions


Proof Of Stake Reward Distribution

The Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is an energy efficient method of securing the network that allows coin holders to participate in and get rewarded for staking their coins.

POS is rewarded for creating the new block.


A masternode is a full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. A masternode is considerably different than a normal node, because it performs several other functions apart from just keeping the full blockchain and relaying blocks/transactions as a full node does.

Indinode masternodes are not standalone. Rather, they are in constant communication with other Indinode masternodes to create the decentralized network that Indinode aims to create.


Indinode aims to be a widely used cryptocurrency in India via partnerships with online retailers and vendors, thus, revolutionizing trading in the Indian market.



Android Wallet Release Q4, 2018

IndiExchange – an exchange service for cryptocurrency, Q1/Q2, 2019

Decentralized Indi-marketplace integration for goods and services with ease of use and instant transactions, Q3/Q4, 2019



Private and secure, Indinode aims to establish itself as one of the leading anonymous crypto-currencies available in the market. Zerocoin protocol provides full privacy to our users.

Zerocoin protocol converts your publicly available transaction details into anonymous ones


After talks with Indinode Team  and information from Open Source.