Lethean Coin

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Lethean Coin

The Safest Way to Be Online

Lethean is the synthesis of blockchain and VPN technology created for the new age of digital censorship and geo-restricted content. Lethean project incorporates the anonymous Cryptonote blockchain to empower users to purchase web browser VPN and full client VPN services through our unique market based server scheme.

Project’s suite of privacy tools is accessible to all. The user simply needs to download the Lethean wallet and browser extension which is available on many popular browsers. The server marketplace is viewable in the wallet once the user has selected the country, speed and price of their choosing they simply click connect on the browser extension. This allows anyone from any country to access information that may be censored in their home country.

Any person is able to become an exit node for traffic, selling their available internet bandwidth at a fee and speed of their choosing. This allows a unique advantage over traditional VPN services in flexibility, speed, and anonymity. Furthermore, user purchases cannot be traced in the simple manner a credit card transactions can giving us a competitive advantage against traditional VPN services.

Lethean has a devoted team of seven core developers with an average experience in cybersecurity of over 14 years. Together with dedicated marketing team Lethean is resolved to become the most trusted and used blockchain VPN in the world.

Key features

Untraceable Payments
Completely anonymous payment scheme using the ring signature technology which allows you to sign a message on behalf of a group. The signature only proves the message was created by someone from the group. but all the possible signers are indistinguishable from each other. A ring signature obscures identities because it only proves that a signer belongs to a group. This allows a high level of anonymity in cryptocurrency transactions. You can think of it as decentralized and trustless mixing.

Unlinkable Transactions
Even if outgoing transactions are untraceable, everyone may still be able to see the payments you have received and thus determine your income. However, by using a variation of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol, a receiver has multiple unique one-time addresses derived from his single public key. After funds are sent to these addresses they can only be redeemed by the receiver; and it would be impossible to cross-link these payments.

Double-Spending Proof
Nobody is able to spend the same money twice – even if all his signatures are anonymous. Every signature contains a key image – a kind of fingerprint of the secret key. It is based on a one-way cryptographic function: this implies that given only the key image it is impossible to restore the corresponding secret key. These key images are used to prevent double-spending.

Blockchain Analysis Resistance
Non-repeating one-time addresses and mixed keys in ring signatures make the whole blockchain resistant to analysis.
Each future transaction will only increase the entropy and create additional obstacles for an analyst.

Egalitarian Proof of Work
The proof of work mechanism acts as a voting system. Thus, it is crucial that during the voting process all the participants have equal voting privileges. CryptoNote brings this equality with its egalitarian proof of work, utilizing built-in CPU instructions, which are very hard and too expensive to implement in special purpose devices, but perfectly suitable for ordinary PCs.

Adaptive Parameters
A decentralized payment system must not depend on a single person’s decisions, even if this person is a developer. There are no hard-coded constants; magic numbers in the code are designed to be re-calculated based on the previous state of the network.
Thus, they always change adaptively and independently, allowing the network to develop on its own.

Browser extension

The Lethean Browser Extension will oer in-browser viewing, transacting, establishment, and monitoring of HTTPS (also known as TLS/SSL) proxy connections. HTTPS proxies carry the same geolocation spoofing and content filtering circumvention capabilities as VPNs but lack full tunnelled encryption between clients and servers. This renders HTTPS proxies similar in terms of anonymity but less secure overall.

Compared to full-scale VPN software, browser extensions are simpler to use, do not require superuser or administrator rights to install or activate, and are conveniently accessed and managed via in-browser application stores. In addition, the project planning and development for the browser extension is less complex than the full Lethean VPN solution, and thus will allow Lethean to demonstrate unique functional utility in a shorter amount of time. Both client and server HTTPS proxy nodes will initially consist of Lethean network users, although services and APIs are being designed such that commercial integration of server nodes is possible in the future.

Lethean VPN

Lethean (LTHN) is the moniker for both a suite of privacy products and the cryptocurrency backing the store and transfer of value for said products. Lethean addresses the growing and persistent need for secure internet usage by es- tablishing a peer-to-peer, decentralized, block- chain driven, anonymous virtual private net- work (VPN). Lethean strives to fulfill a mission of internet freedom and equitability, and a de- centralized VPN network is an imperative step toward this goal. To meet this goal, the Lethean network will offer two mechanisms for VPN connectivity: full network VPN (utilizing Open – VPN technology) and a browser extension to secure web browsing and web services. True to classic cryptocurrency ideals and values, the Lethean network will allow anyone to act as an exit node for peer-to-peer (P2P) VPN tunneled connections. In eRect, a decentralized VPN is created. The Lethean network will also serve as a centralized marketplace for commercial VPN operators to advertise and establish VPN connections.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) exist to obscure and secure traffic between endpoints. By using cryptographically secure tunnels for network data, internet traffic remains impervious to wiretapping and eavesdropping.

A pillar of use for virtual private networks is anonymity. Lethean will address the crucial need for anonymity not only by utilizing encrypted peer-to-peer tunnels for data, removing the possibility of nefarious individuals analyzing or monitoring traffic, but also by means of an anonymized mechanism of payment. As a digital currency, Lethean is capable of anonymizing senders and receivers unlike conventional Bitcoin-based cryptocurrencies.

Lethean wallet and its functions

The Lethean coin wallet will function as a decentralized marketplace with inbuilt features for peer-to-peer virtual private network connections in two supported modes: the full VPN service and the Browser Extension Proxy service. In short, a Lethean wallet user will act as a client node while a complementary server side exit node provides VPN or proxy services. Interested users of the network can decide to become an exit node, allowing their internet connection to act as a proxy/VPN for other Lethean users in exchange for Lethean coins. It should be emphasized that decisions to participate in the Lethean network as a VPN exit-node or client node are strictly voluntary. Users can transact Lethean coins for any independent purpose outside of VPN and proxy services by using the Lethean wallet.

Users offering their connection to be used by others are termed exit nodes, due to the fact that traffic from networked client nodes will exit through their end network. Exit node users will announce their services via Lethean Service Discovery Platform (SDP), specifying fee rates in Lethean Coin that client nodes must pay in order to utilize the exit node connection. The SDP also contains all other details needed for client users to make a purchasing decision.

Coin Emission

Lethean has a soft emission curve with blocks smoothly decreasing until 2024.

At that time the minimum block reward of 58 LTHN will last forever.

This means that Lethean will have this amount of coins in circulation per year:
2018 project starts the year with 150mill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 300mill LTHN in circulation
2019 project starts the year with 485mill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 635mill LTHN in circulation
2020 project starts the year with 690mill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 840mill LTHN in circulation
2021 project starts the year with 810mill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 960mill LTHN in circulation
 2022 project starts the year with 886mill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 1036mill LTHN in circulation
2023 project starts the year with 930mill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 1080mill LTHN in circulation
2024 project starts the year with 968rnill LTHN + 150mill LTHN devs Fund = 1118mill LTHN in circulation

At this point Lethean will have a 1.5% inflation rate of +15,242,400 LTHN annually.

Coin specification

Name: Lethean
Ticker: LTHN
Max Supply: 999,481,516
Circulating supply (as of 10/02/18): 567,690,822.697
Number of decimals: 8
Hashing Algorithm: CryptoNight V2
Difficulty retarget blocks: 1
Block Time: 2 min


  • 2018 Q4
  • Admin
    • Re-brand from Intense Coin (ITNS) to Lethean (LTHN)
    • Non-profit formation to drive project, operate the underlying platform and hold the brand
  • Lethean VPN
    • Marketplace/node list website release
    • Browser Proxy functionality release for Linux Exit Nodes
    • Browser Extension release for Firefox and Chrome
    • Updated Lethean wallets supporting proxy features (Windows and Linux)
    • V3 software release*
    • Security audit for the code
  • Lethean OS
    • Beta testing – ARM and x86
  • Lethean Blockchain
    • Ongoing surveillance of Monero codebase with updates as necessary to cover vulnerabilities
  • Marketing and outreach
    • Begin US and UK market analysis starting with the United States
  • 2019 Q1
  • Lethean VPN
    • OpenVPN Functionality release for Exit Nodes
    • Updated Lethean wallets supporting VPN features
    • V4 software release
    • macos wallet full support
    • Command-line support for VPN/Proxy wallet functions
  • Lethean OS
    • Full release V1 – ARM and x86
    • Paper wallets generation
  • Lethean Blockchain
    • Transaction fee reduction measures (possibly adoption of Monero bulletproofs)
  • Marketing and outreach
    • Initiate aggressive marketing campaign
    • New exchange listing
  • 2019 Q2
  • Lethean VPN
    • Refunds
    • Privacy Enhanced Mode (link to WP)
    • P2P SDP (distributed provider and service data)
    • Exit node DNS over HTTPS
  • Lethean OS
    • Wallet balance monitoring – incoming transactions only, or all
    • Print support
  • Lethean Blockchain
    • Monero upstream rebase assessment and consideration
  • 2019 Q3
  • Lethean Mobile clients
  • Lethean VPN
    • OpenWRT Exit node support
  • Marketing and outreach
    • US and UK market analysis finalized
  • 2019 Q4
  • Lethean VPN
    • Hardware firewall and router integration and/or release
  • Wallet and daemon software started at V2 before proxy and VPN components were added; thus the internal versioning for all components was promoted to V3 for consistency.

Watch Intro video how the browser extension works below