Logis Coin

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Logis Coin

The World in Your Pocket

LGS is supported by Lightpaycoin LPC project. LPC project is among the TOP projects of 2018 – the coin has big volume and stable price and very good profit for investors.

LogisCoin is a logistics blockchain platform with unique capabilities like tracking the supply chain,  technology that identifies fraud attempts and many more advantages. This platform will improve transparency by documenting the routes of goods, resulting in accurate tracking of inventory and increase of trust.

Currently, on a project stage 4, the project has been listed on different exchanges, pre-sales of LGS, setting up of Masternodes, releasing of wallets, accumulating resources for the stage 5 and launching of LGS platform – integrating it with leading logistics companies.

Main advantages of Logis Coin

  1. Dynamic optimization
  2. Solutions synchronized by supply chain in real-time
  3. Open forecast
  4. Customer request data available
  5. Enhanced visibility
  6. General and reliable planning and logistics data
  7. Cooperation
  8. Confidence in trade
  9. Transparency
  10. Brand trust
  11. Lower costs

Trucks, airplanes, ships – all vehicles require management that this new platform will improve drastically.


Logiscoin specifications

Coin name: Logiscoin

Ticker: LGS

Algorithm (PoW, PoS): X11/PoS

Block reward: 1-9 LGS

Masternode collateral: 1000 LGS

Masernode reward: 80-90%

Staking (PoS) reward: 20-10%

Block time: 60 sec

Total supply: 21 000 000 LGS

Premine: 197 000 LGS (ap.0.97%)


Logis Coin logistics blockchain project roadmap

Logis project is currently on the stage 4 and successfully has launched their official website, published their whitepaper, launched test network, 15 companies confirmed to cooperate, token sale and more. Stage 4 included explorer launch, wallets and bounty programs that is completed already. There has been pre-sales  and also Bounty.

The next steps for this project would be the following:

  • listing in exchanges (Cryptobridge, Coinexchange – listed, Cryptopia) and list in masternodes..online
  • Masternodes services listing
  • LGS platform and application launch and integration with leading logistics companies


LogisCoin app


Wallets of the project

There are several wallets released, including Mac OS, Windows, Linux.

Windows 32bit 

Windows 64bit


Mac OS


The Team

Wladyslaw Hintsynger – Founder

Damon Bryant – CEO and co-founder of the new project is the same developer who created successful project LightPay Coin, USA, Dallas –see more in his LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/damonbry/

Jay Taylor – Business Development Director

Yuriy Serbichenko – Lead Community Manager

Braimir Metlicar – veleucilist

Pradeep Paramanathan – representative in India


Contact phone of the project: +1-469-325-7058

E-mail: [email protected]

USA, 3001 North Dallas,

Parkway, Suite 520

Frisco, TX


Tutorials and guides

Masternodes guide HERE.


How to set up Logis Coin masternode, watch VIDEO below