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Long, Healthy Life is Here

The liquid regenerative medicine – main objective of the LRM platform is to create a unified world of DNA blockchain base for an instant search for donors and donor organs created using 3D printing. This technology will save millions of lives every day around the world.

The liquid regenerative medicine field is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.

This will provide a permanent record of information about the transactions of all users. Each transaction or “block” is written sequentially in the register and when combined with a progressive series of “blocks” that forms “chain”. Each “block” or “mark” of transactions is cryptographically secure. Which makes it impossible to damage or change information. This technology creates a permanent and transparent report on transactions. This has a huge potential for solving current issues in the medical field.

Healthcare background

The healthcare sector has long been in need of change. And today there are many opportunities for blockchain technology to lead the transformation. Although the different technologies have been in use for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, most applications were limited due to the financial services sector.

Issues in the medical field

Interest in the blockchain technology has been building and has become more noticeable in the last year. Including in the field of health. A study was conducted by the black book team in October 2018 in which 88 consumers. Of the health care system (among them were representatives of insurance companies, consumers of medical services) and 276 health care providers (process managers, managers and it specialists) were surveyed about the utilization of blockchain technologies.

The results revealed that 19% of managers of medical organizations and 76% of representatives paying for medical services. Both are considering utilizing blockchain based technologies. In addition, it also revealed that up to 70% of various organizations that pay for medical services expect blockchain integration into existing systems as early as 2019. Thus an increased focus on blockchain technology has led to an increased understanding of the potential application of technology in the health care system.
These conditions provided fertile ground for teams and organizations wishing to integrate blockchain technology into existing projects or develop new ones that meet the requirements of high technology and work with a large amount of data.

Usage of Liquid Regenerating Medicine Platform

Liquid Regenerating Medicine (LRM) platform will provide: many different innovating methods of treatment, the purpose of which is to autologous [own] tissue regeneration. They differ from traditional reconstructive surgery, in which tissue defects are surgically repaired. Regenerative medicine includes not only cell and gene therapy but also the use of innovative biomaterials and certain factors [for example, growth factors]. Often, regenerative medicine is also used in combination with reconstructive surgery.

New technologies, therefore, offer many opportunities to maintain and improve
the regenerative processes of own body. The project offers these new and promising methods in the field of aesthetics: for skin repair, for bone defects, for chronic wounds, for blood circulation disorders, for chronic degenerative changes in articular cartilage [arthrosis] and for soft tissue defects.

Further, the LRM platform facilitates the addictive manufacturing of complex structures using fluid gels – soft hydrogels and various thermoset resins that are otherwise impossible to additively manufacture using alternative approaches.
These structures are built are by embedding the printed material within a temporary, thermoreversible, and biocompatible support fluid.

This process, termed “freedom reversible embedding of suspended hydrogels” [fresh] enables additive manufacturing of hydrated materials with an elastic modulus less than 500 KPA such as FDA – approved collagen type 1 hydrogel. It also allows for fabrication thermoset and composite resins such as epoxies, acrylates, and siloxanes, many of which have better strength/weight performance characteristics than machined aluminium.

Prints of medical imaging data include scale models of bones, arteries, adult brain scans, and even an entire human heart imaged using MRI. These highly complex prints recreate 3D internal and external anatomical architectures while simultaneously using gold-standard tissue engineering materials that were, until now, nearly impossible to additively manufacture.

Blockchain technology

DNA is defined as an encoded sequence of data that forms an encrypted chain. DNA at its nature is very similar to the structure of the blockchain. Security, integrity and transparency, each aspect of the blockchain provide a secure environment for secure storage and access management of genome data within a decentralized network of blocks. Within this decentralized environment, data is distributed throughout the network. Encrypted medical data cannot be read, modified (including backdating) or stolen by third parties. And the faster the blockchain network grows, the safer and more transparent the health care system becomes.

In medicine, the blockchain opens up new possibilities. First of all, it can be used to store personal data of patients.

World DNA market and Liquid Regenerative medicine coin

Today the medical industry better understands the technology of blockchain and its growth potential. With this potential in mind, the Liquid Regenerative Platform began active implementation of blockchain — based medical solutions.

Liquid Regenerative medicine Platform has the ability to transfer sequenced genomes using blockchain technology. The platform will allow users to monetize their personal information. Bypassing DNA testing companies users that provide access to their medical data by medical institutions will be compensated in LRM coin which can be traded for other digital coins on cryptocurrency exchanges or exchanged for fiat currency.

Origin tracking

The use of a distributed registry for the regulation of pharmaceutical supplies and tracking of medicines is not just relevant but is now crucial. The project team has developed a platform that allows service providers and regulatory agencies both to have safe and secure access establish to transparent partnerships formed to eliminate fraud.

Features of using regenerative medicine platform

The LRM platform has several features which allow for use with a number of devices and applications that each of performing a specialized and specific function. This includes the capability to allow patients to test various health parameters such as performing a body scan to determine such indicators as pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and can serve as an ECG, blood glucose meter and many others devices.

Those that use the LRM mobile application can gain access to the full platform and utilize a single access point for securely viewing and updating various aspects of an individuals health condition.

The application allows the user to record information about their diet and receive analytical reviews and recommendations from the platform. The application records daily activities such as walking and running, and allows the user to enter other related information about the physical activities performed during the day. Access to the application is paid in LRM coins. Users can earn coins for sharing tips with each other, posting messages, or distributing research publications within a social service platform.

Coin specification

Coin name: LRM coin
Ticker: LRM
Algorithm: Quark/POS
Block reward: 1-8 LRM
Masternode collateral: 1000 LRM
Masternode reward: 75-90%
Staking (POS) reward: 25-10%
Block time: 60 sec
Total supply: 41 000 000 LRM
Premine: 397 700 LRM (0.97%)
P2P port: 17273
RPC port: 17272


Stage 1
Project inception and core team formation
Recruiting core team members
Initial whitepaper release
Official website launch
LRM test network launch

Stage 2
Private presentation with high net worth investors
10+ companies confirmed intention for integration
Platform code optimization

Stage 3
Marketing campaign
Token sale
Custom development

Stage 4
Block explorer launch
Wallet release Windows, Linux, iOS
Pre-sale listed
Bounty launch
Cryptobridge listing – November
Coinexchange listing – November
Cryptopia listing – December
Kucoin listing – 2019
Binance listing – 2019

Stage 5
LRM squad, rewards for active discord members
Shared masternode service partnership
Local store partnership
More partnership announcements
Reward program for investors

Stage 6
Masternode services listing
Extend marketing campaign
Website improvement
Launch LRM platform
Launch LRM 3D printing international laboratory
Community voting for future development

The project team

Wladyslaw Hintsynger – Founder, LinkedIn
Wladyslaw is an IT technology entrepreneur and is the founder and business development specialist for Lightpaycoin and Logiscoin. He has more than 5 years of marketing, consulting and analytics experience in managing the Internet enterprises.

Nick De Schaepmeester – Advisor in regenerative medicine, LinkedIn
CEO of DS biologicals, an expert in the field of regenerative medicine PRP, SVF and BMAC. Nick has big experience in the integration and promotion of medicine in the blockchain

Jay Taylor – Bussiness Development Director
Jay has 3 years of experience in commodities trading in South Korea and spent the last 2 years on project management in several successful crypto projects.

Braimir Metlicar – Strategy Director, LinkedIn
Vern graduate in Entrepreneurship. Deals with application development, blockchain and Marketing. Branimir has been working with crypto for 5 years following trends and eliminating flaws in the system of the blockchain. Works for lot companies like Dash, LightCoinPay, Nyerium, Gives… “My main business is blockchain development, helping with mastermodes and most important Marketing”.

Pradeep Paramanathan – Official representative in India, LinkedIn
Pradeep has professional experience in business development and building investor relationships for more than 3 years. He is also competent in financial consulting, financial services and portfolio management.

Adigun Omodolapo – Official representative in Africa, LinkedIn
Adigun has over 5 years of experience in blockchain development. He is a professional crypto analyst and trader. He also has expertise in social media development for projects.

Niraj Gautam – IT security quality assurance, LinkedIn
Niraj is an exceptionally analytic individual with good experience in developing [Web/App/Api] exploits within server systems. He has been acknowledged and involved with such renowned companies as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, AT&T, Avira, Dell, Cisco, Ford, University Of Cambridge and SmartCash.