Luxcore blockchain project

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First of Its Kind


Luxcore is a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem that focuses on designing and building enterprise-ready security and privacy products. The platform also aims to bring the usage of blockchain to the mainstream by bridging the gap between normal consumers and enterprise users through specific product use-case meant for each.

This project offers a faster, more efficient, more secure and private transaction solution for individuals, institutions, and governments. It presents the most efficient ASIC-resistant GPU mining algorithm that has a faster hash rate with 10% reduced power and heat consumption. The project is open sourced that includes the energy-efficient ASIC resistant algorithm PHI1612 with  tradable commodity called Lux Coin. There are also Masternodes that act as  network security, rewarding system, Smart Contracts and SegWit (for improved transaction size and malleability).

Luxcore blockchain features are available to the end users at no extra cost. Anyone who uses the commodity LUX Coin can access the blockchain using Luxcore wallets or support the network by mining and earning rewards. As a hybrid chain that supports both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, the chain is more secure than traditional ones.

Besides open source products, there is also the list of closed-source products that focus on service providers, enterprises and institutions. In addition to Parallel Masternodes (PMN), LuxGate, PoS Enabled Web Wallet, DApps, blockchain implementation and consulting services.

The Luxcore project also includes solutions for connecting Big Business vs.user or Governments vs.user. These blockchain solutions and IT Services are built to help all three parties by allowing various levels of features and security for the user as required.


Features of the project

LUX masternodes

To run a LUX Masternode, a user is required to have 16,120 LUX in the wallet. Masternode owners earn rewards for supporting the network and providing the additional services. Currently, the Masternode system is being rewarded 0.4 LUX and the PoS is being rewarded 0.6 LUX for every PoS block created.

SegWit (shortener for Segregated Witness)

In order to introduce higher security, Luxcore project introduces SegWit that allows small modification within a block but not the content. This algorithm allows several signatures in an account with multiple options. This would prepare the way for introduction of the Lightning Network* in  future.

Smart contracts

This will enable the unification of blockchains through LuxGate and PMN. Contract transactions will benefit from other features like improved scalability, privacy, low fees, and security.

Trading wallet

Luxcore wallet will not only be for storing coins but also for trading them. If one will keep LUX coins in exchange, there will not be rewards for PoS (proof-os-stake). But keeping LUX coins in your LUX wallet will give few benefits including trade and rewards.


This feature will enable instant transactions and an additional layer of privacy.

Multi- signatures

The project will have an option of multi-signatures in an account. No longer will funds be under a single point of control or failure. This gives users yet another level of security while using LUX Coin.

Luxcore products

Products of this project are closed source and therefore will be used with licensing or subscription-based model.

PoS enabled web wallet

This project’s wallet is the first and the only PoS Enabled Web Wallet in the blockchain space that does not pool coins for staking. This product is already live and enables staking at 0% energy usage. This is a free service and will remain free. PoS enabled web wallet-as-a-Service will be licensed to other blockchain assets and providers in the market with customizations and service add-ons.


This feature will allow communication between validated blockchains with the ability to perform advanced functions and tasks. For example, the Bitcoin blockchain can engage with Ethereum blockchain or Monero blockchain or Zcash blockchain.

Parallel Masternodes

The Parallel Masternodes will be available to only verified and vetted business as well as government institutions and will act as a secure information gateway on the blockchain. Any function like wallet or transaction on the Parallel Masternode will be encrypted with the IP addresses auto-changed. These wallets and transactions are invisible to prying eyes to meet institutional security prerequisites.


This project will develop and deploy both free and freemium model DApps for the end users. These may be used in conjunction with the Smart Contract feature. Custom DApp solutions and business application integration through PMN and LuxGate will enable cross-network usage.

Permission blockchain development & consulting services

Communication between different protocols and networks will be supported by this project. As well as different specific requirements of the customer will be supported.


Coin specification

Name: Luxcoin

Ticker: LUX

Max Coin Supply: 60 million

Block Size: 4MB

Difficulty Retarget: Every block Mined

Coins Mature: 100 blocks

Tx Confirmation: 10 blocks

Min Transaction Fee: 0.0001

Default Port: 26969

RPC Port: 9888

Sam Encrypted messaging


Smart Contracts

Block Pruning

Masternode: 16120 LUX

POW Reward: 10 LUX. 8 to miner, 2 to MN

POS 2.0 Static Reward: 1 LUX. 0.8 to Wallet, 0.2 to MN

Minimum Stake Age: 36h

No Maximum PoS age


Project team

CEO – John Mcafee, Australia email: [email protected]

Growth officer & product development – Cosmin Tudor, Romania – LinkedIn email: [email protected]

Business strategy and planning officer – Hari Sadasivan, Spain – LinkedIn email: [email protected]

Lead cryptographer – Tanguy Pruvot, Switzerland – LinkedIn

Developer, web/PoS wallet/iOS/Android wallet – Sebastian Berger, Austria email: [email protected]

Developer, front-end, UI/UX – Gullaume Huot email: [email protected]

Core developer – Tran Nguyen

Developer, LuxGate and PMN – Maxim Dzekelev email: [email protected]

Business program execution and client operations – John Kim email: [email protected]

Technical support and operations – David Wilson email: [email protected]

Testing and documentation – Paul P. email: [email protected]


Roadmap (on September 6, 2018)

2017 – completed

PHI1612 launch

Cryptopia listing

Wallet upgrade

MAC wallet release

Block halving


Company name registration

Trademark application

Marketing partnership

Web wallet


2018 – completed

Major wallet upgrade with trading functions

Whitepaper V2.0

Luxtre – HD wallet release

PoS enabled web wallet release

Smart contract – dev team closed testing

Marketing phase II (contracts and engagements signed)

Exchange listings CryptoBridge

Smart contract


Reward change

Block prunning

“New Algo” PHI2

First advisor on board John Mcafee


2018 – in progress

Marketing phase II rollout (influencer, videos, TV, advisors)

Mobile wallets

LuxGate official release

LuxGate / PMN testing & bug bounties

Legal entity formation

Technical whitepaper

Markeitng phase III


Q3 – Q4 2018

LuxGate and PMN release

PoS Web wallet – as – a – service testing

New exchange listing

New advisors onboarding

Regional offices EU/US

Pre-mine burn

Pos web wallet-as-a-service release & monetization

dApps on Lux chain

Partnerships and enterprise engagements


  • Lightning Network – a network that is built on “opened” channels and transactions where is not recorded all blocks like in Bitcoin blockchain. The idea is more similar to existing bank system where money is not moved physically when we make online transactions, it is more like promised and guaranteed. More details about Lightning Network here.