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BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures – Early Stage Cryptocurrency Investing is now Available for Everybody

LONDON, UK / July 6, 2021 / In the last year, there has been a rising interest and investment trend within the Blockchain and cryptocurrency market. It all started in 2009, with Bitcoin being valued at $1. Moving on 12 years, in early 2021, Bitcoin’s price reached an all-time high of just over $60,000! This massive growth…
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Logistics, Payments and Healthcare: Where Will We Use Blockchain Technologies in 5 Years

Author Guy Yanpolskiy Blockchain technologies are rapidly developing and penetrating other areas. And if two or three years ago the blockchain was used mainly for the creation and turnover of cryptocurrency, today the technology is used in logistics, the financial sector, data protection, and other industries. I have identified five main areas where the blockchain…
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Baby EverDoge

Baby EverDoge | Bringing back Buy Backs to Crypto Industry Under a Deflationary Model

After a few days of its launch, Baby EverDoge is ruling as one of the trending assets on Crypto Gain. Baby EverDoge, a digital asset and a DeFi coin, is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A one-of-its-kind smart coin, Baby EverDoge also has an automatic buyback function that buybacks and burns the coin. This…
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OkCash on BitMart

OkCash Listed on BitMart Brings the Platform Closer to User base of 5 Million

New York, USA, June 11, 2021 With its successful listing on BitMart, OkCash is available on the platform to a user base of 5 million. Furthermore, on BitMart, OkCash will trade with an OK ticker and two trading pairs at the beginning, OK/USDT and OK/ETH. With this successful listing, OKCash will be able to enhance the area of operations and…
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Giacomo Arcaro

Giacomo Arcaro with Trump’s Family and Nigel Farage talking about Bitcoin

There’s been a meeting between Nigel Farage, and Giacomo Arcaro. The odd couple met for the first time in Florida @ Mar-a-Lago, invited by Donald Trump for the Mother’s Day. But what’s the common ground between the two of them? Apparently, nothing, but I will tell you a single word: Perseverance. Nigel Farage is the…
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Cavapoo | Changing with World With $CAVA and Community Driven Charitable Missions

Chicago, IL / June 24, 2021 / Cavapoo aims to bring a light of hope and address real-world problems with blockchain. The project also plans to help the community make a difference in society by running one of its kind charity-led cryptocurrency networks. As a decentralized network, Cavapoo focuses on the community and will work to bridge…
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Uniswap Tycoon

Tycoon Platform. Bithumb Global Listing, NFT Contest And Much, Much More is the world’s most advanced social trading platform enabling a bridge between beginners and advanced crypto traders in a seamless and intuitive environment.  There are many newcomers in the crypto space, but just a few of them are skilled at trading.  Tycoon allows literally anyone to participate in trading using real crypto assets, instead…
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Burn Protocol

Burn Protocol | A Multi Chain Protocol With Burning Mechanism

HONG KONG, CHINA / June 18, 2021 / The Burn Protocol, which is a perpetual deflationary multi-chain ecosystem, helps users earn passive income in not one but three different assets. It works on the principles of an autonomous frictionless yield farming algorithm generating rewards on the basis of taxable transactions. Generating Revenue Securely for Every User…
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Project X | Generating Autonomous Returns For Existing Token Holders and Empowering People

Project X leverages a frictionless and auto-staking yield generation to create an automated income stream for the users powered by the transactions. Since every transaction is taxed, some part of the tax is redistributed among the existing holders, while the rest is locked in a pool. As a novel to give back to the community, Project-X…
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KnoxFS | Leveraging the Blockchain and Distributed Storage Systems to Build a Decentralized Storage Solution

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS/ May 31, 2021 / KnoxFS works as a decentralized hybrid storage solution allowing individuals to store data in a secure, decentralized, and private manner. Working as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), KnoxFS is based on community support and voluntary contributions. The users sharing and storing data will utilize decentralized storage networks secured by blockchain and…
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