DAPS project updates fin

DAPS Coin – What you should know regarding their recent updates (2020)

The DAPS community is quickly picking up steam and people in the wider crypto community are starting to take notice. Their mission is to ensure that the faults made by previous seemingly secure cryptocurrencies such as Monero are addressed, allowing for those that use their coin to have no doubt in their mind regarding security.…
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B One Payment

B One Payment – Crypto Wallet

B One Payment is starting to become recognized in the crypto world for being a secure wallet that you can rely on when choosing a mobile-friendly wallet (exclusively for Android users currently with an iOS version on the horizon). While it started as a wallet that could be used primarily for community coins, it has…
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Barter Trade

BarterTrade – Welcoming the masses

One of the greatest hurdles that are stopping the masses from getting involved with crypto is the assumed complexity of this ‘new’ currency system. While there is some really good information available on the internet to educate those that are interested, it can be overwhelming at times and this, therefore, limits the number of people…
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Hotbit exchange

Marktist Has a New Proposal Up for a Vote – Enlisting on the HotBit Exchange

There is an ongoing proposal that is up for a vote. The proposal calls for MARKT to be listed on the Hotbit exchange. Those who wish to vote on the proposal can view the proposal on this link. The proposal went live on May 30, 2020, and it will end on July 2, 2020. To…
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Bismuth blockchain

Bismuth Blockchain: The Ideal Platform For Distributed Condition Monitoring of EV Batteries And Other Real-Life Use-Cases

The importance of blockchain applications in the enterprise world has been growing faster than ever before. Looking at the current nature of businesses where everything is data-driven, blockchain serves as a perfect use-case for sharing decentralized data. Today, businesses are increasingly working towards systems that rely on real-time data inputs which can help the users…
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AceDcoin Will Be Switching to Ethereum Network With AceD Swapping to AceD Tokens

Blockchain-based online gaming and gambling platform AceDBets has made good progress ever since going live earlier this year in March 2020. Since then, the developers of AceDCoin have been working to add many sporting events, as the platform hosts over 15 different online gambling facilities. The platform offers support for Bitcoin but also has its…
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KOINON blockchain platform

KOINON Remittances Into Africa – Zimbabwe and Global Cross Border Payment Transactions

Over the last decade, the existence of cryptocurrencies in the global financial system has played a vital role in different ways. While many see digital currencies as a store-of-value and investment, some see it as a means of protecting their hard-earned money in case of failing economies and devaluating local currencies. Countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela,…
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Primecoin blockchain

Primecoin Releases A Flappy Bird Competitor

With gaming taking spotlight in the Blockchain industry, companies are finding ways to integrate with the huge gaming industry which in 2020 will generate revenue of more than $160 billion, increasing +7.3% year on year. Now it is crucial to look at companies such as Enjin, Tron, and Primecoin who are paving a way into…
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EcoDollar: A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Supporting Green Planet Initiative

The traditional banking and financial systems have failed us time-and-again still offering rudimentary solutions despite a massive breakthrough in internet technology over the last two decades. As a result, decentralized cryptocurrencies free from government and regulatory intervention are seeing a lot of demand. Over the last decade since the inception of Crypto Currencies, cryptocurrencies have…
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Power Coin

The Power Coin: Power Solution

Electric vehicles have transcended into the technology of choice for eco-friendly consumers because of their ability to be powered with clean and renewable energy. Electric vehicles are no doubt the present and future of mobility. The inherent fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness of electric motors in contrast to the traditional combustion engine prove that the world…
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