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Fintech finance and blockchain conference

Traditional Finances Meet Blockchain in FinTech Conference Dublin

The traditional financial word is significantly catching up with the blockchain trend. This is quite evident in the fact that most top ranking banking institutions which represent the bulk of the traditional finance network are making a move into blockchain technology. The blockchain’s ability to create a non-refutable and unbreakable record of data has been…
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scam of dapp reported by MetaMask

MetaMask Blacklisted the Number one Ethererum DApp

MetaMask a very active and popular Ethereum online wallet browser extension labels 333ETH as an active scam. This is following a series of accusation from various members of the community in the recent month. The State Of The DApps also defines 333ETH as “crypto fraud”. What is 333ETH? The 333ETH is a decentralized application that…
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cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay

Zebpay To Shutdown Its Crypto Exchange Facilities

One of Indian’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Zebpay has made announcements that by 4 pm today, 28 September 2018, it will be officially shutting down its cryptocurrency exchange services. The exchange which started out has a bitcoin wallet service provider will be returning back to functioning in this capacity. Indian First Bitcoin Mobile Payment Wallet Zebpay…
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SEC and FBI files charges

1broker Blacklisted and Domain Name Seized By the FBI and SEC

With several countries tightening their financial regulations when it comes to digital asset Invests, the US has so far taken the led when it comes to enforcing these regulations. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against 1pool Ltd and its CEO Patrick Brunner. The broker’s domain name ( has also been…
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Online poker GoldPoker blockchain project

Gold Poker – A Cryptocurrency Token Revolutionizing The Online Poker Industry

The global digital transformation and internet revolution over the last decade has resulted in a huge community of online poker enthusiasts. Over the last few years, the online poker industry has matured enough and conducts several professional tournaments getting global players on the same dais. However, the online poker industry remains subjected to the notoriety…
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setup of masternode on gentarium platform

Gentarium: Mystery of A Masternode Setup Solved

Sponsored   These days everyone who is following or keeping an eye on blockchain and cryptocurrencies stories have noticed the word  “masternodes”. Today I would like to go through solutions for setting up this complicated process for the average crypto enthusiast. What are the main steps to create Masternode? Each project will tell you the…
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Luxcore banking solution

Luxcore: Disrupting the Global Banking Industry Wih Luxcore

Sponsored   Blockchain technology has been making in-rows into the global financial sector for quite some time now, with major banking institutions and even some national governments looking to explore the untapped potential of blockchain implementation. It’s a well-known fact that blockchain has been transforming the way we raise money, transact money and make payments…
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Blocknode loyalty program

Blocknode: A Blockchain Solution for Loyalty Programs

Sponsored   Blockchain technology is transforming the world in ways we could never imagine. The distributed ledger innovation brings decentralization, smart contract functionality and transaction efficiency to many sectors. One of these sectors, in and of itself a dynamic sector, is the loyalty programs deployed by many online stores Loyalty program A loyalty program is…
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Digital token Coin2Play blockchain

Coin2Play: A Digital Token For Online Gambling and Gaming Industry

Sponsored   Over the last few years, the online gaming and gambling industry has made a constant growth with the ever-growing rise of the smartphones users. Here is a graphical data from Statista that shows that online gambling market continued to 10% CAGR over the last decade. The interesting thing is that the advent of…
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Traid blockchain company

Traid Platform – The Future Of Crypto Education

Sponsored   The world of cryptocurrencies is a place where your dreams of riches can really come true. Some of the wealthiest people in the world built their fortunes trading and investing in crypto. But crypto market is also full of traps. It’s massive and powerful, but equally dangerous and risky. Thousands of dollars can…
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