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Sakhi Coin

Easy Crypto Staking

A high staking coin, with a steady APR of 800%. Designed with earning potential in mind as well as a community care plan to help curb supply & maintain Value. Sakhi Coin employs a Proof of Stake system in which users are able to stake their coins and receive compensation for supporting the network.

Proof of stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. In PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection and wealth or age (i.e., the stake).

Aim of the Sakhi Coin, new blockchain project, is to get it accepted as a way of payment by companies and businesses.

These are the two main pillars of this project. The first is to provide a decentralized exchange with many pairing options and combining this with the acceptance as a way of payment, this project team feels that they has a lot to offer to clients. Team believes that decentralized exchanges will get a lot more popular in the future, as it provides a way to move funds from Peer-to-Peer without outside interference. The controlling of your own funds will be of great importance in the future, as well as the Cyber Security. In compliance with this vision, Sakhi Coin will be primarily used as a medium of exchange for all the services this project will offer.

The second main pillar is general adoption of the coin as a means of payment by the public and to merge with other companies and services. This can be achieved in several ways, such as loyalty programs, a bonus program, a share incentive program, and more. In the years to come project will establish outside partnerships.

The project team is in the process of concluding listings, talks, integrations, support or acceptance of any of the project’s (future) programs. Partnerships are still under negotiation, the exchanges according to our roadmap are Nova Exchange, and Hitbtc.

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By the end of March, 2019, is planned to start pre-sale of the coin. Connect through Discord and be informed.

Decentralized exchange

One main benefit of decentralized exchanges is that they are non-custodial. In the past hackers have made off with large sums of unsecured Crypto. With the proposed security features on SakhiDEx decentralized exchange it will be highly unlikely that the same could happen here. Users are responsible for holding their own funds, so the risk is minimized.

Another big advantage of the decentralized exchanges is an off-chain orderbook and onchain settlement. This feature allows users of the exchange to place and adjust orders in real-time. In centralized exchanges this is done by the website host. For Sakhi project cutting out the middleman and enhancing Peer-to-Peer transactions is a big goal.

While most decentralized exchanges out there are focussing on transactions and safety, Sakhi project wants to add value by also making the coin usable. This aspect is the main thing Sakhi project team missed looking at other projects with a decentralized exchange.

Sakhi project exchange features

SakhiDEx decentralized exchange will have many features that will focus on marketing to attract more users. An emphasis is on usability, as well as an intuitive and easy to use user interface (UI) and Dex functuality. This specific combination will make the SakhiDEx successful.

Crowd funding and the contributions of Investors as well as the Adoption strategies will ensure liquidity. With the project’s easy-to-use UI and the fact that fund security is decentralized, project is ready for mass adoption. Project state-of-the-art POS algorithm is also written to accommodate scaling of the project. The SakhiDEx will be able to host a lot of coins at the launch and will arrange competitions for listing on this exchange via community voting and paid listing. This will provide an excellent platform for smaller or less funded projects to list on this revolutionary platform.

It is also very important to mention that System Downtime will be another thing of the past. A decentralized exchange, which exists across a geographically distributed network of computers/nodes, is much less likely to experience technical difficulties or crashes. Updates are done one node at a time, so other nodes still have the option to maintain the Data integrity of the Dex.

Marketing and Community fund

There will be the Marketing fund (150K Coins) & Community promotion fund (100K Coins). Approximately 4.7% of the starting supply will be used to fill up both of these funds. Project has made a distinction between these funds, because they will be used for different things. The Community promotion fund is obviously mentioned to benefit the Community, while the Marketing fund is meant for the team to be used in business transactions to benefit adoption or for tests in developments that are required to further the coin growth.

The Marketing fund will not contribute to the network and not receive staking rewards.

The part of the starting supply that is reserved for these funds, accounts for approximately 250.000 SKH. We chose the amount of 100.000 SKH for the Community promotion fund and 150.000 SKH for the Marketing fund.

All coins not sold at pre-sale will be burned, that way to help control the supply.

Coin specification

Coin Name: Sakhi Coin
Ticker: SKH
Coin Type: Proof of Stake
Rewards: 800% apr
Algorithm: Skunkhash
Starting supply: 5 mil
Max supply: 100 bil
Block Spacing: 90 Seconds
Confirmation Time: 15 Blocks
Mature Time: 48 Hours
Block Size: Max 1mb


01 step

Launching testnet and main net
Block explorer launched
Launching website and whitepaper
Airdrops and bounties for early birds
Presale starts
Listing on Coinexchange right after presales
Being listed as featured currency on Coinexchange

02 month

Listing on Nova Exchange

03 month

Improving wallet looks and graphics

04 month

Listing on Cryptopia promotion in main page

06 month

Developing and launching Sakhi mobile wallet

09 month

Listing on Hitbtc

12 month

Real-world use case
Contact partners to make Sakhi coin a form of payment with infinite possibilities of use

15 month

Starting the development of Sakhidex

18 month

Launching Sakhidex
Open listing voting