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Project X | Generating Autonomous Returns For Existing Token Holders and Empowering People

Project X leverages a frictionless and auto-staking yield generation to create an automated income stream for the users powered by the transactions. Since every transaction is taxed, some part of the tax is redistributed among the existing holders, while the rest is locked in a pool. As a novel to give back to the community, Project-X…
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Hoppy Meme

Hoppy Meme – Using the Meme Revolution to Create a Platform for Supporting a Sustainable Earth

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / May 22, 2021 / A few days after its launch, Hoppy Meme got listed on CoinGecko and joined hands with Hoppy Meme aims to capitalize on the evolving demand of meme-based cryptocurrencies; Hoppy Meme wants to leverage its potential and help build a better, sustainable, and greener future. Since the energy consumption levels have increased with the emergence of…
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NFT History

NFT History – Giving a Novel Method to Own Dates and Gain Exclusivity With NFTs

ROAD TOWN, BVI / May 13, 2021 / Innovation and uniqueness have become a new normal for the blockchain industry and, within it, the NFT or Non-Fungible Token segment. A novel use case of the NFT has come ashore with NFT History, a platform that lets the users buy or stake ownership of a particular date in…
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LiveTrades | Offering Real-Time Live Trading Account Tracking With Automated Functions for Investing

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND / May 10, 2021 / LiveTrades is an interactive and automated real-time trading platform that investigates the trading behavior of the top and most successful traders on the platform and imitates their actions on the user’s profile. The community can view, copy, and invest in the same trades, stocks, and assets as the top investors…
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Catecoin – A Utility-Based Meme Content Creation and Farming Platform with Burning Mechanism

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS / May 8, 2021 / Coming on board with the meme revolution, Catecoin has been launched to create new horizons in the world of meme and content farming while working on the principles of a DeFi Meme platform. Interestingly, Catecoin is the only DeFi meme platform. Catecoin is built for meme creators, and the content farming…
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Malcolm Tan

Malcolm Tan Chun Chuen – Singapore’s Top Fintech blockchain DeFi NFT expert

SINGAPORE – SG / Malcolm Tan is a Serial Entrepreneur mostly in digital technology, founder of Gravitas International Associates, Chief Strategist and Advisor of Technicorum Holdings and Strategic Advisor of Kingswap DEX. With his vast experience, in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT, and financial industries, Malcolm worked for top…
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Rowket Market: A NFT Marketplace for Creators and Collectors on the BSC with Affordability and Fast Transactions

LISBON, PORTUGAL / April 30, 2021 / Built on the Binance Smart Chain due to its affordability and high speed, Rowket is a community-first NFT marketplace giving a new way to the artists for promoting and selling their work. The platform has a unique artist incubator program built to give maximum exposure to the artists, further bringing the…
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Rowan Rewards

Innovative UK Energy Company Increases Rewards For Residential Roof Top Solar

LONDON – UK / Rowan Energy has launched a new and leading global solar incentive program; Rowan Rewards. The platform gives customers reward points similar to other loyalty programs for the energy produced by their rooftop solar. Since the end of the feed-in tariff in 2019, there has been no financial incentive to adopt solar…
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MetaWhale Gold

MetaWhale Gold – Deflationary And Elastic Supply Tokenomincs Backed By Gold (PAXG) Reserves

BERLIN, GERMANY / April 26, 2021 / MetaWhale Gold (MWG) is the first decentralized financial instrument that introduces a hybrid monetary policy paired with ultra-deflationary tokenomics. It offers speculative value, combined with the security of an automated, ever-growing PAXG gold reserve, which is ultimately divided among investors. PAXG is a digital asset-backed by one fine troy ounce of a…
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BlockBank – A Smart AI-Enabled Analytics System Sharing Market Insights

LONDON, UK / April 26, 2021 / BlockBank leverages Artificial Intelligence, adding it to the traditional banking and DeFi system making the entire ecosystem more secure, private, and decentralized. The purpose is to optimize the user’s purchase decision, helping them avoid the high gas costs and avoid slower transaction speed. The AI element of the platform constantly…
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