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MarketMove | Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Investors Make Smart & Safe Decisions

WARSAW, POLAND / September 13, 2021 / MarketMove secured a place on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko in just two days after their launch on PancakeSwap – a decentralized exchange. This proves an enormous demand for tools, which make investing safe. MarketMove brings the state-of-the-art AI technology from Fortune 500 companies straight to the crypto market. The platform identifies…
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Hachiko Inu

Hachiko Inu | Decentralized Token Named After the Legend of Hachiko, The Akita Dog

Sep 07, 2021 — Prague, Czech / September 7, 2021/ Besides being one of the top gainers on popular listing platforms CoinMarketCap, Hachiko Inu is going to burn one of the biggest shares of their token supply yet. 10% of the circulating token supply will be burned on the 25th of August, further influencing a supply decrease. Hachiko Inu…
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Blockbank earn USDCoin

Earn by Holding USDCoin in V2 of The BlockBank Application

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / September 6, 2021 / BlockBank will be enabling its users to earn interest on the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), with rates up to 60x the US national average of a traditional savings account. The user’s reward in USDC is guaranteed by BlockBank. This ensures that every user engaging with the platform gets USDC as…
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Nimbus 2

How DeFi Taps into Large Halal Market with Nimbus

London – UK – 30 August 2021 / When it comes to cryptocurrencies, almost everyone wants to get in on the exciting gains that have seemingly happened since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008. However, some people may be limited to their exposure to crypto products such as DeFi, because of their religious beliefs.  DeFi…
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Riot Rewards

Riot Rewards | Burning Tokens and Generating Proportionate Rewards for Users in BNB

LONDON, UK / August 30, 2021 – Riot Rewards will start its fair launch early next week, followed by a formal launch. As a Defi platform, Riot Rewards shares BNB with the token holders helping them generate passive income. The platform is designed and developed by crypto enthusiasts with a motive to help the community earn…
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Polyshield Hackathon Winner Platform with Low Fee and High-Speed Transactions

MADRID, SPAIN / August 26, 2021 – Polyshield has recently won the ‘Build for Scalability Using OxPolygon‘ hackathon track. Polyshield Finance, running with its native token SHI3LD, with only 1000 coins in initial supply, is a yield farming-oriented platform. Based on the Polygon blockchain, it works on the principles of decentralized finance. It aims to bring the…
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The PING Heard Around The World

KALKARA, MALTA, August 23, 2021 — Whether you are new to crypto or a veteran, many sense that the world of cryptocurrency is now in a unique and special time. It seems like everyone is talking about crypto, or at least has a faint idea of what it is. It is the magical moment where the…
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BUSD Kitties

BUSD Kitties | A Token System With High Redistribution Rewards Stabilized

Aug 14, 2021 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) — Milan, Italy, BUSD Kitties filled a 250 BNB hard cap in under one minute during the pre-sale launch. A token that provides the largest redistribution share to the holders, BUSD Kitties, will bring benefits to the early token holders and those with a long-term investment plan. BUSD Kitties is…
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StonkInu: First-Ever Stonking (Odds-Based) Options Betting Game on a Platform Audited by TechRate

After getting audited by TechRate, StonkInu has received a stellar rating in terms of performance and security from the auditor company. StonkInu combines two popular assets in the crypto space to build something new and better. The StonkInu game provides unique odds-based trading that allows placing bets on Bitcoin and other major platforms to earn better returns. In…
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Revolutionizing Your Crypto Storage with Hyper Pay

HONG KONG, August 03, 2021 / — Security has been an underlying concern in the Blockchain industry, and crypto enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a one-stop-shop when it comes to storing their assets, but this is simply no longer enough and just a hardware which allows you to store your assets has quickly become absolute…
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