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passive income

Ultragate Project – Unlocking Passive Income Stream for Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiasts

The Ultragate Project is making major noise in the blockchain and the crypto world due to the multitude of services it offers under one Ecosystem. Ultragate caters to the developments of several blockchain-based platforms that help businesses and individuals by leveraging the power of blockchain. What makes Ultragate special is the varied number of investment…
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CryptoUserBase – Revolutionizing Social Media Using the Power of Blockchain

Over the last decade, social media has played a vital role in community building and blurring the boundaries between different countries. Nearly half of the world population today uses one or the other social media platforms. There’s no denying that social media is a very powerful tool if used rightly, however, the companies who dominate…
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UCA Coin

UCA Coin: Creating a Cohesive Cryptocurrency Ecosystem For All

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, the blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrencies have come a long way. While we have made considerable progress on the technological front, we still have some work to do with mass adoption Complexities of acquiring, holding, transferring, and selling have been the major blockade to mass adoption of crypto currencies. As well…
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