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Index Chain

Index Chain: The Complete Scalable Privacy Solution with Tor Integration

Data is now more valuable than oil. And traditional companies are reaping big from free user-generated content. Facebook and Twitter, and basically all social media platforms, are building their business model around free data, minting billions. But in the midst of all this, it’s the end-user who is being exposed. Privacy must therefore be protected…
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DAPS platform

DAPS Platform: A Hybrid and a New Age Privacy Platform that Rivals Monero and ZCash

Fact: privacy is a right and shouldn’t, in any way, be interpreted as a privilege. It is sacrosanct and rightly enshrined in the constitutions of democracies. Indeed, it would be savage not to port the same into shaping technologies of which blockchain promises to be. Bitcoin was the first project that proved a concept. Upon…
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