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TXA project

TXA Project | A Hybrid Decentralized Exchange Offering Cross-Chain Settlement of Trades

HANOI, VIETNAM / September 20, 2021 / TXA App is a part of the TXA project. The TXA ecosystem project includes a Decentralized Settlement Layer (DSL). The DSL is an open-source technology facilitating fast and secure cross-chain digital assets settlement. The users wanting to harness the functions of DSL must hold the TXA token. In addition…
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Phore Blockchain Introduces Graphene to Its Sharding-based Synapse Update

Decentralized blockchain platform Phore has come a long way in its journey of offering secure, flexible, and scalable blockchain solutions to users. To expand the platform capabilities further, the Phore community has decided to implement the new sharding infrastructure under the Synapse update. The implementation of the smart contract-based sharding infrastructure will offer nearly infinite…
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Martkist’s Participation Efforts and Outreach has Been Successful at the BitconF’s 8th Edition

BitcoinF is the biggest Bitcoin conference in Latin America, and its 8th edition was concluded in the past week. The event, which began on the 10th of September 2020, ran for three days until the 13th of September and saw a heavy influx of enthusiasts, crypto gurus, speakers, and patrons from various parts of the…
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Phore is going to Spearhead the DeFi Industry

Phore conducts its operations on the Synapse architecture. Synapse is going to streamline the concept of conducting multiple transactions on different blockchains with sharding, simultaneously. Such transactional scalability and accessibility are unlikely to be seen with other cryptocurrency exchanges.  Everything is transparent and run by the community. Even though the concept of DeFi got its…
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SSS tr

The SSS 2.0 – Cold Staking & Simple Drive

Blockchain technology has come a long way. New use cases that make life much easier for everyone are being found every day. One area that humanity could benefit from the use of blockchain technology is the cloud-computing sector. SSS (Simple Software Solutions) is working on incorporating the blockchain in the sector. The aim is to…
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Bitcoin Token

Bitcoin Token (BTCT): A Community-Run, Decentralized & Open-Source Cryptocurrency With Ultra-Fast Transaction Times

A number of decentralized open-source cryptocurrencies have come in the market over the last few years. However, what differentiates one cryptocurrency from another is the community of people that controls it. The Bitcoin Token (BTCT) is one such community-run cryptocurrency volunteered by its developers and running on an open-source and completely decentralized network. The developers…
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x42: A Complete Decentralised Ecosystem For All Your Application Requirements

In the past few years, technology has certainly revolutionized the way new applications are built and brought to the online marketplace. However, there are still some major hindrances stopping their growth and progress. With small developers, many barriers keep them out of the market, which keeps them out of the publishing process. Besides the publishing…
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