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Rowan energy

Why Choose Rowan Energy Over Other DeFi Projects?

DeFi has become a hot topic in the blockchain community in the past few months. As of writing this article, the total value locked in DeFi was an astounding $ 8 billion gaining traction from crypto enthusiasts across the world. Whereas Bitcoin and similar crypto coins decentralize the money system, DeFi applications take a broader…
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Rowan Energy

Earn Extra-Income with Rowan Mining Smart Meters

Press Release We all want to go green. Nobody wants to live on a dead planet. What is stopping us from using renewable energy resources, then?  Their cost, of course.  Rowan Energy aims to resolve this by building a custom-built, powerful, yet low powered immutable blockchain network. The key factor that makes Rowan Energy stand…
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UCA Coin

UCA Coin: Steering Green Energy Revolution Using the Power of Cryptocurrency

Most of the cryptocurrency projects present in the market today have their goals aligned with enhancing the global financial ecosystem. Seldom we see any cryptocurrency project associated with a future cause for a cleaner and greener environment. UCA Coin is one of such blockchain and cryptocurrency undertaking that aims to leverage the power of cryptocurrencies…
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