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Hotbit exchange

Marktist Has a New Proposal Up for a Vote – Enlisting on the HotBit Exchange

There is an ongoing proposal that is up for a vote. The proposal calls for MARKT to be listed on the Hotbit exchange. Those who wish to vote on the proposal can view the proposal on this link. The proposal went live on May 30, 2020, and it will end on July 2, 2020. To…
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Martkist Mobile Wallet

Martkist Mobile Wallet: An Overview

What is the Martkist Mobile Wallet? Martkist Mobile Wallet is an app that keeps your currencies and transactions protected online. It allows for safer transactions and easy monitoring, which are supported with equal opportunity systems and strict monitoring against unethical practices. The brand and the wallet itself are both geared towards recognizing and responding to…
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Altcoins: Martkist Proposal Hub Comparison

Cryptocurrencies are changing the very fabric of doing business. From introducing smart contracts to providing us with easy direct transfer platforms, they are streamlining the business proceedings. On top of it, the marketplaces run by the operators of different cryptocurrencies via systems like masternode governance allow business houses to allocate resources optimally. In this article,…
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Martkist community

MARTKIST: Towards a Community-driven Crypto-economy

Digitization has led to an unprecedented rise in the interconnectedness of our societies and economies by heavily reducing transaction costs. This connectivity has enabled large corporations to slowly develop into networks with global reach – internally, with transnational subsidiaries, and externally, with supply chains spanning across the world. However, one phenomenon to have largely eluded…
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Martkist guide

The ESSENTIAL guide to starting out on Martkist

What is Martkist? Decentralized anarchy is here and it’s here to stay. Welcome to Martkist. Our vision is to bypass third-party intermediaries while offering a truly decentralized marketplace. We use open-source blockchain technology that incorporates necessary features to allow for a seamless global e-commerce experience. We have our community in mind and have built/continue to…
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Martkist voting hub

Martkist: A game-changing Update

It is with great pleasure that we bring to your attention the arrival of the Martkist’s budget proposal and voting hub live testing! Just in case you didn’t know, Martkist is revolutionizing the e-commerce world by decentralizing the marketplace and giving power back to the users. We provide a deeper explanation of Martkist and what…
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MartKist: Changing The Face of Online Retail Industry Through Decentralized Marketplace

Over the last two decades, global e-commerce has exploded to every corner of the world as online trade and commerce has witnessed a massive surge. Giants like e-Bay, Amazon, Alibaba, and others have significantly dominated the marketplace with their robust technology and infrastructure. However, one of the major bottlenecks with these platforms is that they…
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