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Mr. Enabulele

Meeting with a Visionary | Oduwa Coin Creator and Indigenous Cryptocurrency Innovator, Mr. Bright Enabulele

SHERIDAN, WY / February 17, 2021 / With an aim to become the new voice of Africa and help its beautiful people become financially mature, literate, and achieve independence from everyday problems, Mr.Enabulele has developed a unique and specific platform called Oduwa Coin. The Creation of Oduwa Coin Mankind has always progressed with innovations and advancements. Blockchain…
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Oduwa Coin

Oduwa Coin: Driving Africa’s FinTech Revolution And Helping It Solve Its Financial Woes

The latest buzz in the financial markets is that ‘Digital Money’ is the future of payments! While we know that this is true, the sad part is that traditional financial institutions have repeatedly failed to bring the ‘Digital Economy’ transformation. Financial Technology (FinTech) is the best answer to modern age digital payment requirements. Oduwa Coin…
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