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XChainZ educational platform

XChainZ – A Blockchain-based Educational Platform with a Rewarding XCZ Mechanism

Decentralized blockchain technology has been popularized over the last decade with the rapid growth of the FinTech sector. However, apart from just FinTech, blockchain technology finds its use-cases in a myriad of other applications. The transparent, tamper-proof, and secure feature of blockchain technology has been the key driver of its use in multiple industries. One…
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Bitszcoin, the First Cryptocurrency to Promote Online Education and Digital Learning

Bitszcoin blockchain project – Driving eLearning Education in Asia, Africa and around the world with Crypto. Online Education, Digital Learning and eLearning are here to stay. The ongoing pandemic situation has made the contemplation even stronger with more and more self-paced eLearning professional courses surfacing on the internet with each passing day. While these are…
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