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LINKSWAP: A Better Way to Capitalize on LINK and Automate Low-Risk Earnings

The development team of YF Link has introduced its first production-ready service, LINKSWAP. A community-run and governed AMM, whose primary function will be to bring more trading pairs and liquidity to LINK hodlers and the DeFi Community associated with YF Link. Specifically, the LINK Marines, who have been associated with the project will receive a…
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YFLINK, The Plan, Progress, and the Updates | All in One Go

The idea of YFLINK was born out of the rigidity and security provided by the Chain Link contract protection. The Chain LINK drafts and executes smart contracts with a decentralized oracle network, augmenting the said contracts’ security. Following this approach, the notion of point failure sustains the contract’s value and security. LINK is an integral…
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