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Proof of Stake Technology into Mobile Devices

Venox is a Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency, based on the Zerocoin blockchain technology. It is a coin created by the community for the community. The primary goal is leading mobile application, staking development, privacy, and passive income through masternodes.

Venox came to life the day, developers of Enox abandoned their community and left their supporters stranded. Project has successfully forked the Enox coin [PIVX based] with a 1:1 manual swap for Enox holders and will proceed with adding the development of some amazing features like encrypted reference line and real mobile staking.

Venox (VNX) coin was officially launched on June 10, 2018, and is considered a community coin.  Although there is a team behind the scenes working to build and promote Venox, anyone within the community can contribute to the project.


Main features of the project

Mobile device integration

Besides some other important features, the main goal for Venox is to implement PoS into mobile devices. The project plans to have mobile staking wallets, fully decentralized, full node continuously syncing and providing actual security and validation on the Venox Blockchain. The idea of mobile staking could bring a lot of people into the crypto world because the majority of the devices out there are mobile devices.

Running airdrops

You can combine sports and crypto and even get paid for it. While you are running your distance is tracked by GPS and you get a reward for each kilometer or mile you ran. In the end, you can start a new round which adds additional VNX to the current reward or just withdraw your reward to your wallet. A combination of Outdoor Puzzles and Outdoor Apps can be a good feature for VENOX.

Masternode monitoring

You are at school, at work or just outside with your family or friends and want to check your Masternode status, the last thing you want to do is run to your computer and check your income. With this project’s idea of Masternode monitoring, you are able to check your MNs Health values from anywhere.

You can check various parameters:
Online status
Last reward time
Received VNX

You can also select an MN to get more detailed information.

The project will start with passive monitoring. Once the system is developed and working correctly team will start to implement active features, for example, restart your coin daemon or VPS remotely.

Reference line

In order to become more usable in real-world payments, we want to introduce a reference line field which is encrypted additionally. This provides more security and the tool to send even most sensible information. This allows to send even most private comparable to traditional bank transfers but with all benefits of the cryptocurrency. To use this field you do not have to pay any extra fee. You can also keep the field empty. In addition, this feature should also be usable on the desktop wallets Windows and MAC. Text that is written in reference line will be encrypted and a hacker can see unreadable text, see screenshot below.

Coin card

The possibility of using a cryptocurrency in the real world is an important factor. That’s why project developers have design project’s own coin card. The card can be refilled so you can use your own card over and over again.

The coin card can be used as:

  • Gift card
  • Shopping card
  • Universal Card for offline Transactions
  • Coin store
  • Employee gift
  • and more
Digital identity

The problem with existing mobile apps is that when you want to send coins to a destination address and don’t have QR-Code scanner, you need to copy a very long address that is complicated on the small mobile phone touchpad.
The project wants to solve this issue with the digital identity. The moment you generate an address you will have the possibility to create your identity. This address and chosen identity will be saved into a database which can be read by every other user that uses the app. The next time someone wants to send coins to you, the sender can just type in your identity in a special field which then fills out the address field with the correct address.
In addition, the team plans to implement this feature into the Desktop wallets for Windows and MAC. So you can start searching for Identities on every device you are using.


To further incentivize Masternode holders, the project will implement a reward program from this projects casino. Each Masternode holder will receive a share of the casino profits.
Fair odds, best chance to win, user-friendly GUI, live Support, many games to choose from – all this you will find on project’s casino site.


Venox Online Casino plans





Sports Betting

Slot Machine


Coin specification

Name: Venox
Ticker: VNX
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty retargeting: every block
Algorithm: Quark
Premine: 1 241 000 VNX
MN collateral: 10 000 VNX
Max coin supply (POS): Infinite
RPC port: 23652
Port: 1589



Core team creation
Website launch
Bitcointalk release
1:1 swap for Enox victims
Wallet release
Venox presale

Social media campaign
Whitepaper release
Cryptobridge listing
RSS feed for client
First airdrop wave
MNO listing
Paper wallet

Release webshop
Second wave airdrop
Android Venox application
Refernece line integration
Marketing campaign

Mobile staking BETA
Exchange listing
Coin gift card
Marketing campaign
Coin coffee machine
Mobile app launch
Online casino with a reward system


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