VIP Coin


VIP Coin

Value Is Precious

VIP is a universal 3rd generation cryptocurrency that combines the best features of different coins in order to create an excellent new digital payment asset.

At VIP is introduced new system in today’s crypto world – a dividends platform for platform’s coin holders. This is unique advantage that VIP is offering – one platform specialized in dividend distribution among our VIP holders that is rewarded according to the current prices of VIP. The system and logic has been designed to motivate the price and value of this coin to remain firm in the world market. The higher the VIP price, the greater the reward will be.

VIP stands for Value Is Precious. Value is associated with something precious as it plays a
significant role in determining the ups and downs of a cryptocurrency. When there is no value, everything will be put to an end.

To ensure the longevity and relevancy of VIP, a handful of strategic plans are carefully planned by project’s dedicated team.

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The idea of creating the dividend platform was initiated after team took into consideration few common problems that have risen in the past, especially from a very risky value aspect.

The platform called “Dividends Platform” is intended to reward coin holder especially those who are unable to join shared masternode. To join Shared masternode one must have at least 200 VIPs but with the minimum of 50 VIPs small holder of the coin will be able to receive rewards by keeping their coins on this platform. Depositors will get bonuses from Staking Rewards. For those who own more than 200 VIP coins will be special rewards for Hodling them on platform.

This platform will use logic system to identify suitable current prices. The price on the first day of each month will be programmed as a guide line. If the price in the second month increases, the dividend will be distributed, but if it decreases, there is no dividend distributed for that month. That is how every round of the VIP platform will continue to run.

With this exclusive platform, team hopes to ensure the longevity and relevancy value of VIP, because to them, value is precious.


Q1 2019

Website & WhitePaper

  • VIP Team is Officially Formed
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Block Explorer
  • Website & WhitePaper
  • Presale of the Coin is Set
  • List to the Exchange
Q2 2019

Platform Development

  • Shared Masternode
  • Team Network is Strengthened by Insisting Good Cooperation with the Best Developer
  • Massive Online advertisement is Launched
  • Affiliate Platform Focusing on Dividend Allotment is Planned
  • Coin is Registered in a More Reputable Exchange
Q3 2019

Dividend Platform Launch

Beta Test of Affiliate Dividend Platform is Performed
Coin wallets are available in Various Form
Dividend Platform is Launched to the Public

Q4 2019

Dividend Platform is Revamped

  • Dividend Platform is Revamped
  • Promotion, Advertisement, and Cooperation with Media Outlets is Maintained
  • Merchant is Set Up to Ensure Higher Reachability of VIPcoin

Coin specification

Coin Name: VIP coin
Ticker: VIP
Type: Proof Of Stake POS/ Masternode
Total Supply: 1 000 000
Premine: 80 000 (8%)
Block reward: 1
Block distribution: 70% MN, 20% PoS, 10% Dev + Dividends
Block Time: 60 sec
Masternode Collateral: 4000

VIP core coin team members

Mohd Redzuan – Founder
Juan C – COO
Erwin – Core Dev
Hernan T – Blockchain Dev
Khabib S – Platform Dev
Paul S – Community Manager
Mashria – Community Manager
Adefola – Community Manager
Bruno A – Designer

VIP core coin presentation

Contact: [email protected]