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Wealth Silo

The Next Generation Currency

WealthSilo is a masternode investment platform with the long-term business plan. The main selling point for WealthSilo users will be its user-friendly applications. After buying and or exchanging cryptocurrencies, a WealthSilo user opens up a digital wallet (hot wallet) on their smart device or desktop computer. This hot wallet account acts as collateral to stake the initiation of a masternode.

The WealthSilo desktop wallet has the added security of acting like a traditional cold wallet. Since this WealthSilo application is part of a software application stored on hardware, it does not need to be connected to the internet to securely store desktop wallet cryptocurrencies. This WealthSilo feature effectually acts like an industrial-grade, digitized financial storage lockbox. The user retains full control of their masternode investment or coins, via personalized security keys.

The rate of interest will ultimately be determined by active user balance, investment amount and length of hodling period.  WealthSilo users who hodl predetermined desktop wallet balances over a year or more could be rewarded with interest-generating rates of 10% or better, depending on investment amount and wallet activity.


WealthSilo masternode exchange platform

Wealth Silo’s cryptocurrency exchange focuses on masternode investment coins. Wealth Silo platform will execute exchanges across various cryptocurrency exchange platforms akin to a cryptocurrency-centric robo-advisor. There is a requirement for all cryptocurrency exchange platforms that cooperate with WealthSilo via this service – they must be properly licensed for such operations. Project WealthSilo should also never work with cryptocurrency exchanges that are located in countries with histories of lax or ineffectual regulations of cryptocurrency exchanges.

WealthSilo user must do is register an account, open a wallet, deposit a predetermined of cryptocurrencies in the wallet and then connect to WealthSilo’s multiple cryptocurrency exchange platform service.

Project has also an option of masternode sharing pools. Masternode investors are paid interest in amounts between 5% and 20%, or more, in regular increment. Masternods sharing can be equated to a service equivalent to joint investing activities.


WealthSilo services

WEALTHbuild – easy and simple platform to build masternodes

WEALTHShared – automated shared masternode service for various coins

WEALTHmonitoring – track and monitor your masternodes from different coin projects

WEALTHcharity – behind every strong coin there is a strong community that wlll find ways to give back to others also

WEALTHexhange – an exchange built for masternode holders, and with benefits for them

WEALTHbank – lock your coins up at different interest rates

WEALTHloan – use your crypto as collateral to receive loans in fiat. No background or credit checks necessary

WEALTHcard – use your WEALTH ina day to day transactions


Block Reward: Adjusting every 10,000 blocks

Wealth.Silo Masternodes rewards


Coin specification

Symbol: WEALTH

Algorithm: Quark

Block time: 60 sec

Block reward: 12

Total supply: 21 mil.

Masternode/staking reward: 75/25

MN required coins: 1 000

Premine: 3%


A team of the project

Jon Payne – CEO/FOUNDER -> LinkedIn profile

Udaybir Singh – WEB PROGRAMMER

Stefan Jankovic – BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER  -> LinkedIn profile

Pankaj Sharma – DEVELOPER

Daniel Won – ADVISOR