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World Crypto Forum Coin

#Masternode, #High ROI, #WorldcryptoForum, #POS, #Platform

The World Crypto Forum Coin (WCF) is a Proof Of Stake/Masternode based cryptocurrency. Project’s main aim is to create a platform similar to Bitcointalk but built on blockchain to keep all the data secure and safe. World Crypto Forum is a project launched to bring all the information for
cryptocurrency around the world together. It aims to provide the fastest, most unique, and accurate information for cryptocurrency all of the world.

The WCF Coin will be used as means of payment in our upcoming platform. World Crypto Forum is going to provide World Crypto Forum (Coin) as a reward of community activities. WCF Coin can be mined through POS (MN/Staking). And coins obtained from mining can be used for community activities.

Information that can not be disclosed can be provided with fees to people who are classified as first-class, or people who recommend really good information as a community activity. While all of the general information is publicly available, high-level information is given priority to members who are active in a community. There are two ways to increase the level. One is to level up through activities consistently, and the other is to level up using WCF coins in the fastest way. Using WCF coins allows you to level up more quickly, which enhances your access to community information.
Community activities based on other levels will be announced later when more detailed forum administration guidelines are available.

Vision of the project

Various aspects of analysis and information are essential in dealing with information on cryptocurrency. People who invest in cryptocurrency have their own areas they are interested in, and their specialty is also different. People want to invest their coins in areas they know well. So, World Crypto Forum seeks to deal with a variety of information.

Uniqueness (Exclusiveness)
World Crypto Forum tries to get the unique(exclusive) information. To provide information faster than anywhere else, people on here will write on the forum with a lot of information and strive to gather information faster than Bitcointalk. This will be formed by providing people with WCF Coins. And the more people share good information or unique(exclusive) information, the more valuable coins they get.

World Crypto Forum is not just for sharing information about cryptocurrency. Ultimately, all the information related to cryptocurrency, investment information and price information will be integrated. And various services that can be used with WCF Coin will be provided.

Features of the project

  • High Performance
  • Decentralized
  • Trust & Reputation
  • POS/MN Rewards
  • Safe Data
  • Fast Transaction



The World Crypto Forum Coin(WCF) is a well-decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 90% of the MN Block reward and 10% of the POS Block reward. It also offers lower transaction fees, faster confirmations and limited supply for a faster increase in value. The Masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the transaction get more and faster confirmations. Masternodes are full nodes which run 24/7 and require collateral of 1,000-100,000 WCF Coins. In exchange for providing this service and locking up the coins which effectively reduce supply, the Masternode owner is rewarded a portion of the block rewards. The portion of the block rewards earned is variable which increases over the period.


InstantX function allows you to send funds which will gain 5 masternode-level confirmations within seconds from the network, then within an average of 1.25 minutes a 6th block-level confirmation will make funds spendable on most of the platforms. 

Coin specifications

Coin Name: World Crypto Forum Coin
Ticker: WCF
Algorithm: X11
Coin Type: Pos/Masternodes
Maximum Supply: 30,000,000
Pre-mine: 1%
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Minimum Stake Age: 3 Hours
MasterNode Collateral: 1000-1000k WCF Coins
Port: 11005
Block reward: 0.5 – 14
MN reward: 90%
PoS reward: 10%


Stage 1 (November-December 2018)
  • World Crypto Forum Coin Blockchain Launch
  • World Crypto Forum Coin Wallet Release
  • Official Website Release
  • Main Explorer Release
  • Presale Open(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Listing Tier-1 Exchange (Cryptobridge or STEX)
  • Listing
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Release Official Wallet(Win, Mac, Linux)
Stage 2 (January-March 2019)
  • Listing on More Statistics Site
  • Listing on Tier-2 Exchange (Coinexchange or Cryptopia or Yobit)
  • Agreement on Shared Masternode Program
  • Marketing & Bounty Campaign
  • Register Community Support bot
  • Listing on More Pair Exchange (ETH/DOGE)
  • Website Improvement
  • More Partnership Announcements
Stage 3 (April-June 2019)
  • Development World Crypto Forum Official Site
  • Voting on Community System
  • Extend Marketing & Bounty Campaign
  • World Crypto Forum Website Test
  • Launch Official World Crypto Forum Website
  • Integration WCF Coin & WCF Site
  • Release Mobile Wallet
  • Release Web Wallet
  • Listing on USDT Exchange
Stage 4 (July 2019-2020)
  • Promotion World Crypto Forum Official Site
  • Reward Program for investors
  • Announcements of WCF website Operating Program
  • Launch World Crypto Forum Application
  • WCF Partnership Announcement
  • Listing on Tier-3 Exchange (Kucoin or Bittrex or Binance)