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White Label Crypto Exchange

Would you like to a send/buy order to multiple exchanges at once or own your own cryptocurrency exchange? – Birake project will offer both.

Project plans to be the platform of exchange of cryptocurrencies that unites large number of different cryptocurrency exchanges creating network. The plan is to become the biggest cryptocurrency exchange network with sharing orders between platforms.

The first uniqueness of Birake project is that everyone can create own white label platform.  All that is required is to create an account and pay a small monthly fee for having own exchange. All the exchanges running on Birake network will have orders openly shared between network. There is a development plan and it says to have at least 25 cryptocurrencies by 2019 available to exchange on this platform.

Here is a list of benefits, named few, that will be available for each white label account:

– custom domain name
– custom logo and personalization
– possibility to set custom fee per transaction
– all the active orders will be available to anyone from BIRAKE network and vice versa all orders from BIRAKE network will be  available to owner
– technical support
– possibility to add one cryptocurrency to BIRAKE network (depends on package acquired)

It will be straightforward to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the Birake exchange, while additional features will make the platform capable of handling complex trading operations, as well.

Working demo exchange platform can be found at


BIrake project mission

The mission of Birake is to provide both website owners and users of this exchanges network, the biggest database of orders/users and achieve the biggest trading volume from cryptocurrency area. For the website owners: providing a fully functional platform, ready to use from day one, full of orders and transactions. But for the users: possibility to find the best deal from a huge amount of orders, low commissions, high trading experience, bounty, and rewards programs.


System functioning model

Step 1. Domain owner buys one of Birake’s packages with BIR, for example, 10 000 Birake Coins (0.3 BTC) / month for a fully functional platform
Step 2. Website owner set his own fees and start personalizing he’s platform
Step 3. Website owner brings new users to his platform
Step 4. Those users start trading within Birake network with all the users registered in Birake network
Step 5. Birake platform calculates all the fees individually from one platform to another
Step 6. Considering the package aquired the total fee accumulated will be split between a website owner and Birake company   (example 60% to the website owner and 40% to Birake)

Here are the principles of operation:

  • Get the web domain name
  • Rent the BIrake exchange platform using Birake tokens/coins
  • Personalize and Customize platform
  • Set your fees for transactions
  • Promote your website
  • Get income from your users’ transactions fees
  • Get a part of the transaction fees from transactions fee made by its users on a platform Birake (sharing it with owners of the project)


An economy of the project (business model)

Income of the project is planned from the following actions:

  • Transaction Volume – is the volume in USD transactions during one year
  • The number of website exchanges is the number of websites which are running on our white label platform. Each website will have a separate domain name and custom personalizations
  • Cryptocurrencies – an average of cryptocurrencies available for trading in each month
  • New cryptocurrency price – an average cost for adding a new cryptocurrency to the network (one-time fee)
  • Customer percentage – average website owner income percent from transactions fee
  • User transaction fee – an average of transaction fee percentage applied by the website owner to each transaction
  • Birake percentage – is the average percentage from transactions fee from website owners
  • Exchange platform price – is the average cost of the exchange platform for one year
  • Hardware units – a number of servers needed for running the Birake network


Birake masternodes

Birake project has masternode available for 0.3 BTC = 10 000 BIR

Birake Coin has also shared masternodes service.


BirakeCoin is listed in



Coin specification

Coin name; BirakeCoin

Ticker: BIR

Algorithm (PoW/PoS): Quark

Block reward: 30-260 BIR

Masternode collateral: 10 000 – 50 000 BIR

Masternode reaward: 90%

Staking (PoS) reward: 10%

Block time: 60 sec

Premine: 6 000 000 (2%)

Total supply: 300 000 000 BIR

Full profit diagram: See HERE


ICO of coins was from 1st of March until 1st of August, 2018. Price of the 1 BIR coin in pre-sales was 0.07 USD, in ICO 0.10 USD.


Roadmap of the project for the next 3 years

Stage 1

Partially completed

  • List on and
  • List on
  • Bounty Distribution – end of October, 2018
  • Whitepaper v2 for Birake Coin.


Stage 2

Partially completed – full complete planned for the end of October 2018

Implement Birake Exchange new features:

  • Simulate trading
  • Matching orders
  • Multiple pairs for trading
  • Other features


Stage 3

Q2 2019

To create Birake Exchange Alfa version:

  • Wallet configuration for BTC based coins;
  • Wallet configuration for ERC20 tokens;
  • BIR coin used as main payment for fees
Stage 4

Q3 2019

  • White Label platform on top of Birake Exchange
  • Backpanel for a customer (owners of platforms) for tracking of commissions, payments, support system, and more
  • Automation of the platform’s customization


Creators of the project

Birake is built by a software company that has been operating since 2010 in the web software industry. This is a real operating company that has been more active in the media industry, especially in South America. It has portfolio and software solutions that have supported over 20 million users per day.

Starting with 2010 team have developed/implemented a global content management system for different industries. So far, the main activity of their business was the financial and media industry.  For the past 7+ years, they have been working daily with technologies like Symfony3, Node.js, NoSQL data stores, AngularJS, ReactJS, and others.

There are team members listed on their official website with LinkedIn profile links, founders are the following.

Bogdan Mavrodin – Founder & CEO

Trader for more than 10 years, a very experienced programmer, and team leader.

Theodor Radu – Co-Founder & CMO

Project manager and CMO for Biggest Content Management System from South America. At this moment it runs with over 10 000 000 users, it was built using Symfony framework, backbone, nodejs, redis and many other technologies.

Razvan Dinu – Co-Founder & CTO

Experienced web developer for many projects.



Watch intro video below