Submission of Article

  1. CryptoShib publishes articles that are agreed to be published with its creators/developers. CryptoShib doesn’t guarantee or promise any results of the use of these platforms.
  2. Standard article length is 700-800 words but can be longer or shorter if agreed upon.
  3. CryptoShib provides original writing services according to the written instructions of a Client.
  4. A client has to give clear instructions for an article. The client can ask to review and edit an article 2 times.
  5. A client gives a ready-made featured image or, if not clearly stated or asked before, CryptoShib creates its own.
  6. There is a standard size of the featured image that has to be provided: 1920px x 1280px.
  7. When an article is published and distributed throughout CryptoShib’s partner’s networks, there can’t be made any changes.
  8. All questions and special inquiries shall be discussed before publishing an article.