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Bitcoin Adult

Global blockchain solution for Adult Entertainment powered by POS technology…

Bitcoin Adult ( BTAD coin) is payment solution for adult shops and webcam sites that is already in real-life use and a coin with clear purpose. Bitcoin Adult is fast, secure and private, technically advanced Proof of Stake cryptocurrency focused to become an ultimate payment solution for the adult entertainment industry. Much faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin on its current form, Bitcoin Adult is designed to provide a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin for adult entertainment industry .

Coin already circulates on the market and you can trade with this coin on several exchanges. On several adult shops and websites BTAD coin is alredy used as payment method, f.e. Fantasy Sex Toys or Pleasure Cams, and others. The team works on the creation of their own webcam site, adult shop and dating site. Webcam site with more than 1000 online girls is the project’s first bigger partnership. On this webcam site you can watch and chat with live girls for free and buy credits for private minutes and tips for the girls using cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Adult is already listed on CoinMarketCap and BTAD coin is supported payment method on Coinpayments payment gateway. Leading adult sites like for example Pornhub along with many other sites and shops are all using CoinPayments and since this coin is now one of the supported coins, Bitcoin Adult (BTAD) can be used like payment solution on all those sites and shops thanks to partnership with most commonly used crypto payment gateway. Partnership with CoinPayments also opens many doors for future partnerships wich will help this coin to become widely adopted and recognized payment method Purpuse for this coin is no longer questionable since implementation of BTAD (Bitcoin Adult coin) as payment option has started. Although this is only a small preview and beginning of what they plan to do, this coin already started to have real use. In cooperation with CoinPayments gateway Bitcoin Adult team is also helping retailers who do not have enough knowledge about crypto payments to become crypto friendly by implementing third part payment gateway that can turn coins to cash.

Bitcoin Adult coin

To avoid hyperinflation, Bitcoin Adult coins was not offered or distributed through ICO pre-sale, auctions or any other similar ways. Coin distribution and trading started with listing on the exchange. Project is offering free listing and advertising on their future adult marketplace for all adult shops, webcams and other adult sites that accept Bitcoin Adult as payment option or with small listing fee in case of different cooperation.

Project’s Masternode

As the team has great experience in masternodes and crypto space the project is offering you to invest in POS masternodes and collect additional income. To ensure fair start, rewards from first 5000 blocks was only 2 coins (1 MN – 1 PoS) and the rewards structure is calculated to avoid hyperinflation. With high ROI masternode coins are losing race with inflation when early investors start to sell their minted mountain of coins. The prospect of huge returns sometimes causes us to abandon our logic. Higher ROI means bigger money, right?! WRONG!!! Cryptocurrency is a weird place and sometimes the ROI means nothing. Just an anomaly as the project gets its feet underneath it. Usually those numbers quickly settle into the 100–500% range for Annual ROI and slowly decrease as more investors buy and set up MNs. These are the types of Masternode projects you want to find and this project is one of them. Sustainable growth and strong purpose with actionable roadmap of the future are indicators that this project will create safer income from other high ROI projects.


Coin specification

Coin Name: Bitcoin Adult
Coin Ticker: BTAD
Type: MN/POS
Masternoode Collateral: 5000 BTAD
Block time: 60 Seconds
Staking Maturity: 4 hours


MN rewards table