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Etherlite: A Pure PoS Ethereum Hardfork Launches Massive Airdrop Plan to Disrupt Crypto Industry in 2021

Cryptocurrencies have seen multiple hard and soft forks over the years, mostly due to differing ideologies. Some forks have really changed the dynamics of the original chain with an established community supporting them. In the case of Ethereum, a hard fork answering the current problems has become a need of the hour. Extremely high network…
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SWYFT competition

SWYFT Updates 6-7 April, 2020

Update 07.04.2020 VESTING IS NOW LIVE! The first masternode equivalent to an actual lockout reward system in the crypto space using smart contract DApp based technology delivered by the Swyft Network. Please ensure you have understood the entry point and fees for each term which are all detailed in our document at: Unfortunately, due to…
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