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The Next Generation of Masternode Technology


CatoCoin is the Next Generation of Masternode Technology that transforms Rewards & Collateral Requirements with Blockchain technology to GUARANTEE ROI now and in the future.

CatoCoin has created NextGen Technology and also has applied for a patent. Their NextGen Technology will automatically modify the rewards and collateral requirements. CatoCoin’s unique algorithm takes the unknown number of Masternodes out of the ROI equation when it comes to this guessing game.

CatoCoin’s NextGen Technology decouples rewards & collateral requirements from the blockchain and links them instead to the number of active Masternodes.

CatoCoin’s NextGen Technology employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the number of active Masternodes and automatically adjusts rewards and collateral requirements. This ingenious approach allows CatoCoin to be the only coin that can Guarantee ROI both now and in the future.

Background: fundamental problems with conventional Masternode coins

1. Over Supply of Coins: This is the #1 reason why Masternode coins fail. Coin developers keep increasing rewards as the blockchain progresses in an effort to synthetically produce a high ROI in order to attract Masternode buyers. This naturally leads to an inevitable oversupply of coins which eventually drives down coin value and contributes to the demise of the coin.

2. Unfair advantage to some initial Masternode investors: When selling an initial batch of Masternodes, coin developers make no distinction between the first purchaser and the last purchaser. This gives the first or first few Masternode owners a highly unfair advantage in terms of accumulating massive rewards in a short period of time.

3. Panic Selling: Panic selling by edgy investors because they lack confidence in the development team or have calculated they can jump in on the downward slide, then rebuy at the bottom and get ‘back in the game’ for much less than they originally invested.

4. Poor understanding of basic economics by coin developers: Most coin developers are forced to fork the coin’s blockchain in order to raise the Masternode collateral when an oversupply condition exists, and the number of Masternodes must be reduced to raise demand for the coin.

5. Underfunded Coin Developers: The constant need for coin developers to raise presale funds from Masternode investors in order to pay for Exchange Listings and Advertising funds diminishes confidence on the part of potential investors and hurts the developer’s ability to sell Masternode coins prior to an exchange listing.

6. Coin Dilution: Most coin developers flood the market initially with their coins in Airdrops, Promotions etc. From a supply-curve economics standpoint this is a mistake. These giveaways dilute the value of the coin and put more coins in circulation.

CatoCoin is the solution

  1. This insures that the increasing supply always has a higher demand rate, therefore there will never be an over supply of coins and helps create an increasing coin demand for new Masternodes. CatoCoin has a built-in algorithm designed to increase collateral requirements for new Masternodes as the number of Masternodes increases.
  2. There is an accelerated reward schedule for the first 30 Masternodes without increasing the required collateral in order to minimize the dilution impact of additional Masternodes. In addition, the first 30 CatoCoin Masternode owners will receive a 100-coin bonus when the coin is listed on CryptoBridge.
  3. Masternodes once started, remain active even though the collateral for newer Masternodes has increased. This makes their Masternode more valuable than the initial amount they paid for the coins. As well Masternodes can be sold privately between individuals instead of shutting them down and selling their coins.
  4. CatoCoin will run promotions for Twitter Followers, Discord Members, BitcoinTalk translations etc., but we will pay rewards in BTC instead of CatoCoin to insure the value of CatoCoin is not diluted.

CatoCoin Specification

Coin Type: POS

Algo: Xevan (No Pow)

Block Time: 60 seconds

Total Coin Supply: 42,000,000

Collateral for 1st 15 MN: 2,000 coins

Reward Split: 70% Masternode / 30% POS

Pre-mine: 400,000

Pre-mine % 0.98% (less than 1%)

Other conditions:

  • Locked coins to not stake
  • Masternodes begin to earn rewards after 2 hours after activation
  • Masternodes rewards are not confirmed until 15 confirmations
  • Coins do not mature for staking until 200 confirmations

For reward, CatoCoin uses a detailed scheme that you can check out in their Whitepaper HERE on 6th page.

Launch plan

Short term plans:

  • Instantiate Block Chain on or about June 22, 2018
  • Submit exchange listing requests and payment on or about June 23, 2018
  • Begin Sales of coins for first 30 MN’s on exchanges on or about June 23, 2018
  • Submit MNO Listing request when first exchange comes on-line
  • Prior to Announcement on BTC Talk
    • Deploy Website o Publish White Paper 7
    • Create and configure Discord Channel
    • Create Twitter Page o Create Telegram
    • Create a Facebook Page
    • Setup REDDIT
    • Hire Discord Page Admin
    • Prepare BTC giveaway promotions for CatoCoin
    • Post Windows, Linux wallets and source code on GitHub
    • Create MN Linux Install Script and publish
    • Deploy Block Explorer
  • Post Announcement on BTC Talk
    • Begin Translation Bounties on BTCtalk
    • Run promotions on Discord for Invites, Retweets, FB shares, etc.

Long-term plans:

  • Create Mobile wallet and allow staking from a wallet
  • Create Masternode exchange for MN owners to sell or bid on MNs
  • Release updated wallet that interfaces with exchanges to show the real-time value of coins & replacement value of Masternode
  • Research viability of a ‘sharded’ blockchain for CatoCoin wallets

CatoCoin Roadmap

As CatoCoin already has secured funds they do not need pre-sales. They are on several exchanges and websites, like Crypto Bridge with a price fluctuating around $1 on August 6, 2018.

Masternode project CatoCoin

Timeline of the blockchain project CatoCoin