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Evolving The Protective Pads Sports Industry

DUDGX coin aims to build a safe, reliable and a transparent Masternode and PoS platform with great returns and active community. DUDGX will be used to change protective pads industry with 3d printing and innovative designing . DUDGX will be the first protective pads platform where one will be able to customize protective pads for extreme sports, film and stunt industry, internationally created and designed by professional  stunt performers.

DUDGX is coin will be the preferred payment method for partly as well as fully customized protecting pads in extreme sports and stunts. Company Dunderdog created this coin in order to fund the research and development of their products. The uniqueness of this company includes full body scanning, taking measurements and 3D printing the products to create personalized protective equipment or PPE.

Customers can also get discount on their purchase when they use DUDGX coin for payments.

DUDGX is a peer to peer network with partial PoW and major PoS.

At first DUDG was created, which is now in a process of a Coin Swap to DUDGX coin.The only cryptocurrency that has to be used now with this project is DUDGX.

Company overview

The company has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has established strong International connections.

There are many good companies out there but most of them only produce standard size pads. This company has spent a lot of time and money in finding the right fit and ensuring maximum protection. Their products also have standard sizes with few customization options. There will be also fully customized pads created for only certain customer. There will be 3D scanning technology for full customization of pads.

These innovative pad designs and ideas are created by Professional Stunt Performers. This new sales platform will have many customization options and will be available internationally.


Coin specifications

Port : 38349
RPC Port: 38350
Block size: 1 Min
Block Time: 1 Minute
Stake Maturity: 45 Blocks.
Algorithm: Xevan
POW Reward: 0.001 DUDG per block.
Masternode Reward 65% Pos Block
Required DUDX for a Masternode 50000
Max Supply: 500 000 000 DUDGX

60 million DUDGX have been used for swap, exchange funding, and project development.


Advantages of the DUDGX cryptocurrency coin

DUDGX will be the favored payment method and all customers paying with DUDGX will receive 5% off on products at all times.


Masternodes of the DUDGX

To own DUDGX Masternode you will have to lock in 50000 DUDGX coins in order to receive 65% on rewards from block 10080.

The more coins one has the bigger reward he will receive and earn coins from transactions happening on the network. Make sure that DUDGX wallet is unlocked so you can use PoS System.


MN reward table

rewards DUDGX coin


May 2018

Assembling the core team
Project planning
Logo and website designing

June & July 2018

Wallets development
Website update
Pool development

Last week of July 2018

Pre-sales begin
Marketing bounties via social media platforms

End of July 2018

Release of wallets
Website release
Bitcoin Talk announcement

August 2018

Exchange listings
Core team meeting
DUDGX planning and developing
Rebranding of website

September 2018

DUDGX launch
Exchange listing
Start of development of international sales
The platform for our products
Products testing
Sponsorship screening programs

October 2018

Preparation for launch meeting for further development

Watch the video below about DUDGX