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Leading Cryptocurrency Betting Platform – Place A Bet

The e-Sports betting coin is part of a decentralized platform for Sports and e-Sport fans and participants.

ESBC blockchain platform has several benefits:

  • allow users to make anonymous bets on matches and sports team;
  • minimal number of third parties involved in a process of betting;
  • speed and decentralization of processes;
  • low commission due to the rejection of traditional financial systems.

All of these conditions are successfully implemented with the help of blockchain technology. Consequently, creating ESBC, team has also set up the best conditions for those users who are already fans of betting and cryptocurrencies.

The main advantage of this platform is betting with minimum commissions and doing that anonymously, deposit amount in ESBC as well as withdraw it in the same coin. The automated process of obtaining winnings and trading transactions of in-game items is also a good benefit.

Advantages of ESBC blockchain project

  • The real use for Betting
  • Listing coins for Betting
  • MN (masternodes) Statistics

ESBC Betting Platform – project’s main product

The main product inside of ESBC ecosystem is a platform for bets in popular sports, including cybersports.

The main features of the platform are:

  • Registration without identity verification
  • Guarantee of players’ anonymity
  • Absence of a third party during financial operations
  • Loyal attitude to professional cappers
  • Preferential terms of cryptocurrency ESBC is used

Highlights of Betting Platform:

  • The best odds
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Various betting cryptos supported
  • Loss recovery system (ESBC only)
  • Affiliate referral system
  • An increasing number of betting events

Margin and commission

One of the methods to improve the competitive characteristics is reducing of bookmaker’s margin and commissions for deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. The use of cryptocurrencies allows to deposit, bet, withdraw coins from the platform and get the winning within less than a minute. Low commission rates provide better coefficients in comparison with the old platforms using the old financial system.

Betting exchange (in development)

Betting exchange is a platform for betting between players on sports events. There, a player can suggest betting – choosing a particular event, then offer his/her coefficient and the sum of bet on a particular result (in this case you sell the bet, acting as a bookmaker). Or you can accept the betting conditions offered by other players – to buy the betting. This way a player becomes a participant of the purchase process, where betting odds are goods. Consequently, sports betting exchange is a mediator, providing the players with a service for such a purchase. All deals are performed on the betting exchange without commissions.

Betting Exchange Highlights
  • Commission and margin free
  • Self-formed coefficients
  • No maximum limits
  • Arbitrage betting (opposite events betting)

Technical background of the project

Reliable algorithm

Every modern project needs a trustful source code. ESBC is based on the XDNA source code. It is also a child of the popular cryptocurrency PIVX which is a fork of the cryptocurrency that created masternode system – DASH. While the origin can be traced back to Bitcoin source code, each project has chosen a particular direction with aims and ideals needed by the community, which the project ESBC was created for. We are going to expand and pay special attention to the confidential features of our predecessors’ coin by the means of learning new technologies and, meanwhile, creating instruments and possibilities for integration of ESBC into modern technological platforms.

ESBC Coin specification
  • Ticker: ESBC
  • Consensus Algorithm: PoS
  • P2P port: 32322
  • Block time : 60 / 120 seconds – After April update
  • Algorithm: DASH
  • Algorithm of difficulty: Dark Gravity Wave v3.0
  • Block size : 1 MB / 2MB – After April update
  • PoS Maturity: 240 minutes
  • Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks
  • Feature: 4 level collateral, SwiftX
  • Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR
  • Collateral levels : Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum
  • Collaterals size : 5 000 / 25 000 / 50 000 / 250 000 ESBC
  • Max supply: 25 481 245 by the 2022 year

Speed and functionality

The average time of finding block creation is 120 seconds. Technology SwiftX allows you to perform immediate sending of coins without confirmation by new blocks. ESBC seeks to become a really fast and functional cryptocurrency for a betting and gambling sector.


Masternodes – nodes in cryptocurrencies’ chains, which are responsible for checking and approval of transactions. They also provide an increase in the speed of work and users’ security. Servers and computers with static IP address perform the masternode’s functions. A launched wallet, full synchronization, and 24-hour activity are prerequisites to work. To launch nodes you are required to have a deposit that equals 5 000/50 000/25 000/250 000 ESBC. Any network member controlling more than 5000 ESBC can launch a personal Masternode and get rewards. For more information on how to set up a Masternode please see – Masternode Setup Guide.

Stable growth of ESBC

One of the most criticized objects in sports gambling with the use of cryptocurrencies is exactly the volatility cryptocurrencies. Focusing on this problem as the prior one during the development of the economic scheme, drastic deflation of the coins was planned, as it will positively influence their price, ensuring the stability of the platform’s players’ deposits. On April, 2019 block time in blockchain changed from 60 to 120 sec, to increase stability and decrease emission. Every 6 months thereafter the reward will be halved. The total amount of coins released by 2022 will be 25 481 245. To add other betting coins to the platform, one will have to pay commission in ESBC – this way the developers who would like to see their coins will be required to buy the ESBC on Exchanges.


July 2018
  • Launch website
  • Development of an economic model
  • Development of a marketing plan
  • Launching of the blockchain and testing it
August 2018
  • Bitcointalk announcement
  • Start of blockchain
  • MNO listing
  • Delta listing
  • MNCN listing
  • Exchange listing
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
  • Listings on exchanges
    • Crex24
    • Midex (Birake network)
  • Listings on Masternodes charts
  • Listing on Masternodes Services
    • StakeCube
    • Trittium
    • Stack of Stake
    • Midas Investment
    • Simple PoS Pool
    • Be Nodes
    • Snodes
  • Advertising banner campaign
Q2 2019
  • Blockchain update (emission control)
  • Betting platform structure update
  • Implement other coins for anonymous betting (alpha)


CryptoToni (Team Leader)

SKAZUN (Blockchain Developer)

Hentai (Web Developer)