e-betting coin ESBC

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Crypto-revolution in e-Sports


The e-Sports betting coin is  part of a decentralized platform for e-Sport fans and participants.

This platform has several benefits:

  • allow users to make anonymous bets on matches and e-Sport team
  • automate the process of obtaining winnings
  • make trading transactions of in-game items

Structure of the betting portal is simple: betting site – ESBC – skins and games marketplace.

Main advantage of this platform is betting with minimum commissions and doing that anonymously, deposit amount in ESBC as well as withdraw it in the same coin. The automated process of obtaining winnings and trading transactions of in-game items is also a good benefit.


E-sport betting portal features

The project is looking at how to reduce the portal’s commission to minimum level. Moreover, the developers are sure that they can make the portal’s minimum commission among all competitors, this will give the project a significant advantage. It is not possible to disclose the mathematical formula of this platform as it is the commercial secret of developers, but the team is sure that the winnings on this platform will be 12-16% higher than on other similar resources in the network.

ESBC betting portal will use the ESBC coin as the only betting currency and it will be possible to deposit in-game items. Also, each user can choose in what form to receive winnings – coins, ESBC, in-game item or code for downloading game.

Important to highlight that project plans to have only 1% of commissions versus existing platforms that charge from 7 to 15% of the transaction amount. This will be a very strong benefit of this platform.

Another direction of development is the creation of a marketplace for gamers, where it will be possible to trade for in-game items and codes for games between users. For comparison – this platform will charge 1-2% for these transactions where competitors charge average 10%!


Coin specification

ESBC is built off an advanced, hybrid Proof-o f-Work (PoW), Proof-ofStake (PoS), and Masternode (MN) system.

Ticker: ESBC

The total supply: 21,000,000 ESBC

Block time: 1 minute combined target, with both 1 minute for POS and POW

MN collateral: 1500 ESBC

MN rewards: 90%

PoS rewards: up to 10%

Maturity: 720 block

Algorithm: Quark

Premine: 65 000 ESBC



July 2018

Launch website

Development of an economic model

Development of a marketing plan

Launching of the blockchain and testing it


August 2018

Bitcointalk announcement

Start of blockchain

MNO listing

Delta listing

MNCN listing

Exchange listing


Q3 2018

Development of betting platform

Buying dot coins for Cryptopia listing

31st of September: presentation of Cryptopia listing fundraising report


Q4 2018

Cryptopia listing

Beta version of a betting platform

Betting platform launch

Testing “real use coin implementation”


Q1 2019

Update roadmap

Platform expansion

Listing on larger exchanges


Q2 2019

Negotiations with FACEIT (game)

Negotiations with (e-sports & gaming recruitment and management network)

Report of results

Presentation of future plans