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Your Decentralized Choice

The ultimate vision of EUNO is a widely accepted and extensively distributed digital currency to be used by consumers over the air (OTA) in near field communication (NFC), point of sale (POS) transactions, with minimal requirements for technical expertise by users and integration processes by merchants.

EUNO is a cryptocurrency based on privacy of the end user with the main objective to use it to pay with cryptocurrency just like we pay with any fiat currencies. In conjunction with NFC (Near – Field Communication) technology the EUNO mobile wallet will support payments in real time using standard Point of Sale machines found at the average grocery store. With its system, the customer will get charged EUNO and the merchant will receive Fiat. NFC enabled payments are processed when a customer holds their mobile phone close to a merchant’s payment terminal, allowing for an instantaneous settlement. Merchants will be able to use their standard point of sale terminal, solely requiring a simple software update that allows the system to accept EUNO payments and an instantaneous conversion into the merchant’s local currency, no need for costly terminals.

Knowing that merchant acceptance is of no use without consumer adoption, EUNO also aims to incentivize wide consumer use. To do so EUNO introduces the ACID protocol – Adoption and Convergence Incentivized Distribution – a technical innovation by the EUNO team that will provide scaled rewards to users of a point of sale transactions. Imagine this as a payment card that
offers a percentage return for everyday spending. The more you spend using your mobile wallet the more you will receive.

EUNO governance structure

Finally, to ensure EUNOʼs longevity as a legitimate and decentralized payment medium, they introduce a governance structure that will involve community members in the decision-making process on all matters related to the coin. In doing so, EUNO will ensure its survival and continued development beyond its founders and for a long time to come. The end goal of EUNO is to engage a worldwide community and offer a decentralized currency that is secure, easy to use, and fairly distributed, with emphasis on the project transparency and a commitment to continued progress.

EUNO coin

EUNO Coin combines a stable blockchain reinforced by a three-tiered system of Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS) and Masternodes, which support network integrity and allow a large number of fast and secure transactions. It has a relatively low max supply. Using the privacy aspect of the coin to make transactions (Darksend), users can anonymously send EUNO without any tracing of the sender. Darksend transactions are facilitated by the EUNO Masternodes. EUNO Masternodes help with the network as well as create a means to receive new EUNO.

Coin specification

Coin name: Euno Coin
Ticker: EUNO
Algorithm: X11
System Protocol: Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake
Block time: 120 sec
Block reward: 30 EUNO
MN Collateral: 50 000
MN reward: 60% from PoS
Minimum stake: 3 days
Mining maturation: 15 blocks
Transaction confirmation: 10 blocks
Max supply: 50 000 000
P2P Port: 31333
RPC Port: 21333



Q2 2018
EUNO idea concept
EUNO specifications creation
EUNO infrastructure building
EUNO website building (ongoing)
EUNO Testnet live
EUNO social networks
EUNO wallets – Windows, Linux

Q3 2018
Supported by pools
EUNO Whitepaper release
EUNO official merchandise online store creation
EUNO official launch AirDrop
EUNO PhantomX community swap
EUNO exchange listings (ongoing)
EUNO launch marketing campaign

Q4 2018
EUNO wallet creation – Mac

Q1 2019
EUNO paper wallet release
EUNO official governance protocol creation
EUNO mobile wallet release
EUNO exchange listings (ongoing)

Q2 2019
EUNO create a proposal for integration with PoS systems for mobile wallet use

Q3 2019
EUNO launch marketing campaign
EUNO forge partnership (ongoing)


Mining pools for EUNO

Asia Mining Pool

Clutzykid Mining Pool

Fairmine Mining Pool

Youcrazy Mining Pool

Coin Mining Pool


Project team

PATRICK – Business Development Director

ANGEL – Lead Dev

DAMI DE SANTOS – Social Media and Community Manager


REKTME REV – Lead Multimedia and Graphic Designer

JESSICA ALESKY – Lead Social Media and Community Outreach Manager

BANKY MOON – Strategy and Documentation

STEVE MCMANNON – Developer and Webmaster

WUBBA LEE – Merchandise Manager

EUGEN NORMAN – Multimedia and Graphic Designer

SUPADUPA DOUG – Technical Documentation Writer

ROBERT GERRITSEN – Community Manager