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EVOS blockchain platform

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EVOlution-of-Services For Masternode Coins Investment


The new ecosystem for fiat payments that can be used by project developers, investors, and users. The platform would facilitate the launch and development of coins, increase the transparency between coin creators and investors, as well as increase investment income. It all would simplify the use of digital assets in everyday life.

This is planned to be a multifaceted platform where all services will be available and all users will be able to set up and navigate maseternodes (MN) quickly with ease. With one click option, EVOS will solve the bottleneck of an opportunity of investment in MN.

By integrating APIs of exchanges into the platform as well as crypto to fiat gateways, users will be able to convert digital assets to fiat currency simply and quickly, making cryptocurrency more convenient and easier to adopt.

Within the EVOS platform, there will be multiple automation programs or bots. These bots will range from escrow services to trading services.


Problem Statement: What’s Wrong with Crypto Now?

People want to invest in crypto assets to earn a passive income. MN (masternode) coins are of great interest because they offer a high ROI. However, the MN coin market is rather young, and all investments are essentially a lottery. One can be easily scammed by fraudulent or dishonest developers. It can happen during almost every stage of coin adoption: from the presale to an “exit scam” on exchanges.

Main issues on today are:
  • Investors desire passive income; however, the risks of investing in MN coins is extremely high.
  • Newly launched coins that solve real problems often have limited distributions that restrict investment opportunities, causing them to die unknown deaths on the stock exchanges.
  • Investors without a technical back ground have difficulty buying, launching, hosting, and monitoring MN.
Solutions that will be offered in this ecosystem
  • Within the platform’s framework, automatic tools, such as trade-bots and escrow bots, will be developed that minimize the risk for investors.
  • Tools that will attract an audience through the classic internet marketing channels.
    Integration with advertising platforms that allow, at a minimum cost, to advertise new coins to the millions of people interested in acquiring such assets.
  • An opportunity for investors to profit from a digital asset becoming integrated into real services.
  • An opportunity for investors to earn without experiencing the risk of a coin’s fluctuating value, e.g., earning through partner programs and other social services.
  • Simpler tools for acquiring, launching, hosting, and monitoring MN, e.g., using pre-installed applications, common messenger apps. There will be services for developers to integrate wallets, trade, and management.


Tokenomics of the this project

The only means of payment within the ecosystem is the EVOS coin, and payment for ALL the platform’s services will be made exclusively in EVOS.

At the platform’s launch stage, possibly demand for this coin will be large because of the relatively high ROI at the coin’s launch —approximately 2000% per annum. This phase will last about half a year, after which the ROI will be about 100% per annum.

The planned time for the first ECoS integration to operate advertising services is two to three weeks from the launch of the main network; thus the services have already been developed and will be launched almost simultaneously with the network. Project creators expect organic demand for the coin to emerge within the first month after the network’s launch.

EVOS coin use cases:
  • Payments for platform-specific services for developers, investors, and users.
  • Payments for services provided by third parties.
  • Buying EVOS coin and building MN for investment purposes

Coin specification

Coin name: EVOS
Ticker: EVOS
Type: Hybrid POW+POS+MN
Algorithm: unique, only CPU mining
Block time: 90 sec
Block reward: 2 – 65
MN collateral: 10 000 EVOS
MN reward: 75%
Stake minimum: 1 000 EVOS
PoS reward: 20%
Dev fee: 5% rewards
Total supply: 20 000 000
Premine: 300 000 ( ~1,5%)


Features of the platform

  • Multicurrency web-based wallet
  • Messenger integration and automation
  • Integrated popular exchanges with the purpose to buy/sell coins without switching websites
  • MN management from setup to monitoring
  • Sell MN rewards within the platform through API integration of exchange
  • Crypto-fiat gateway integration
  • Discord bots for rent for individual projects
  • Automated KYD and AML procedures
  • Trading and escrow bots
  • Airdrop and bounty services through third-party services
  • Coin advertising and promotion services through third-party services
  • Other tools for developers



Win32bit –> get it HERE

Win64bit –> get it HERE

MacOSX –> get it HERE

Linux –> get it HERE



June 2018
Formulated EVOS idea
Market research and development

July 2018
Core development team formation
Coding of blockchain
Launching of BETA website
Bot development begins for Telegram and Discord

August 2018
Advanced market research
EVOS test network launch
Github repository established
Official EVOS website launch
5+ companies confirm plans to integrate EVOS Ecosystem

September 2018
Discord, Bitcointalk, Telegram, communities founded
Start of invite campaign
Lightpaper release
Gatekeeper Bot test completed
Know Your Customer (KYC) Bot released
Pre-sale Bot tests completed
Auction Bot tests completed
EVOS blockchain launched
Windows, Mac, Linux wallet released
Block explorer launch
Gatekeeper Bot release
Pre-sale Bot release
Masternode pre-sale completed by pre-sale Bot
Auction Bot release
Remaining masternodes sold by Auction Bot
First Airdrop and Bounty campaign
Whitepaper release
Telegram & Discord wallet staking ready
2+ companies committed to EVOS integration
CryptoBridge exchange standard listing submitted
Web wallet release
Escrow Bot for P2P trade release
Start Discord KYC Bot rent for third-parties

October 2018
Integration to operating advertising network
More partnership announcements
BitShares DEX integration
Grand Telegram Bot release
Buy, start, host, monitor of MN
Sell rewards on exchange with One Click
Alternate block explorer launch
Asia region community growth
3-5 standalone Bots for rent as part of future platform
Android and iOS wallet App release
Integration of advertising push service

Q4 2018
Beta service platform
Pre-sale Bot available for third-parties
Auction Bot available for third-parties
Air Drop Bot available for third-parties
Community activity Bounty automation release
Final approval of platform functionality
Promotion of the platform for developers and start ups
First income received from Service platform
Strong organic demand for EVOS on exchanges
Register as a company
Fiat payment Gateway integration
Core team reveals identities

Q1 2019
Meet-up and conference participation
Platform code optimization
Submit for CoinMarketCap listing
Multi-strategy marketing campaign
Second exchange listing (chosen by community)
Team growth
EVOS platform becomes preferred choice for MN startups
Beta services for ICOs
Top-5 exchange listing
Partnership with ICO services
Integration with ICO service providers


Project’s Team

Currently, the team is anonymous except team leader Bilel Mokrani (CEO, Co-founder, Venture capitalist) as they live in countries with different regulations towards cryptocurrencies. This way they can protect themselves and their families. Once the company is official, this may change (see Roadmap).